Saturday, July 18, 2009

MG Exia Ignition Mode Review Part 7 and Part 8~ EDITED

EDIT - Part 8 (Weapons) are now available - click here for more images

Yeap.. Gunpla Secret Base just finished part 7 of MG Exia Ignition Mode review~

The new pelvis joint mechanism~ now its going up and down instead of forward and backward ^^


Front Skirt part.. really got nice improvement there

Back Skirt, the GN-Beam Sword holder can move around :D

Completed whole MG Exia body.. me luv it~

Some action pose :D

Next up will be Weapon review (part 8) :P

Nice detailed and seperated parts for GN-Blades *bling* my eyes!~ *bling*

Improved connector for GN-Blades - add more sturdy grip and give more free movement ^^

just a few more days till MG Exia will be released in Japan.. hopefully i will get mine fast >_<
*rolls around*

For more images head up to official review site here

All images are from Gunpla Secret Base


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