Saturday, February 06, 2010

WISP MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka Part 5

Its been near 2 Weeks with no new post lol.... Im slacking off booo XD

Okay.. Ive completed build the Weapons Unit... but forgot to take some pics when I built them lol

This time going to cover on Panel Wash for this guy...

Whats is Panel Wash... well.... Panel Wash is Instead using Gundam Marker, or Copic Liner pen.. we using Enamel Paints to panel line the kit... Wash means here we flow the paints into the panel lines ^^ not sure if this helps coz Im kinda sucks at explaining ^^;;

Here I use Tamiya Enamel XF-25 Earth and X-1 Black, along with usual Zippo for thinning the paint.. Im kinda random for mixing it .. as long its not too thick and too thin... just good for flowing the paint into the panel lines

First I tips into the lines using small brush, and let the paint flows along the lines.. if it not flowing the paints might too thick and need more thinning ^^

after that using cotton swab with a lil bit Zippo, sweep the excess paints agains the line..

Now u get nice panel lines ^^

Here some of Panel Wash that I've done

I had fun doing it and for some reason yet kinda funny.. my panel wash kinda do some weathering lol ^^;;

Comparison before and after panel wash

and some extra pics lol

Now left only is Top Coat this guy... will do it sometime today XD, but I need suggestion.. Should I put the warning stickers and decals or not? ... But I think its its already good.. and I kinda hate stickers lol

Next MG project will announce later lol... but I think u guys already knew it XD

Reborns have to wait a lil bit more.. hehe...

Until next post!

Jya ne~


Looks badass show US the birdmode sometimes and poiosoned me getting MG wing gundam too

Put the decals man :D It is a Katoki kit ^^ Must put to complete!!

I think I've only done panel wash once, on my 1/100 Destiny back then, the vents on the black sections i filled in red ink...
Yeah, put on the decals! Try out the dry ones and see? Even Z couldn't avoid damaging a few, let's see if you did better than him... xD

Decal Decal Decal!

It gives better detail and cooler look :D

So that's panel wash? Looks easier than using gundam marker.... But looks kinda complicated at the same time...

Very similar to the way I do my panel lining. XD
I use a "wet" gray Gundam marker and basically just dab the "ink" into the panel lines then wipe using a piece of tissue (this wastes a lot of tissue paper though). It probably makes a sort of weathering effect due to the paint "spreading" into the plastic. >.>

Anyways, you must decal it! DECAL HELL!!! >)

big difference with the panel lines, nice job on the panel wash!

i say put some stickers on, its mandatory lol and he comes with tons XD

ooooo....panel wash....
new thing learned
*scribble on notebook*

now i can let myself off from the sickness of extreme erasing parts for nice and thin panel line ^^

Wing Zero look so cool,hmmm panel wash ^_^

The panel lining brings out the detail of the MS. Nice work.

@moemoekyun - birdmode! ill try do it lol

@chubbybots - lol ver ka must have decals!! lol ill apply the decal then ^^;;

@EXkurogane - nice~ decal it is!!

@BMecha - hehe thanks, yeah.. decal makes it look cooler ^^

@Marzz - its kinda both... ^^

CD - oh it think i have that marker XD well i used alot of cotton swab too ^^;;

@rockleelotus - thanks ^^, hahaha

@ZoiDiect - glad u learn new thing ^^

@Keionfan - its Wing ver. Ka btw.. ^^;; Wing Zero i think looks cool too

@bd77 - ^^ Thanks

What kind of paint do you use to paint your gunpla before doing the enamel wash?

Personally I'd used laquer paint, then paint a coat of clear gloss coat, then enamel wash. But sometimes the result is the enamel wash taking off some of my laquer paint. Still can't figure out what I had done wrong. Any tips? Thx.

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