Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moar Gundam 00 Gunpla Poisons!

ORZ.... I just ORZ.... Onore BANDAI!!!! DX

A sudden bombardment by Bandai for next Gundam 00 gunplas O_o

HG 1/144 Astraea Type F
April release, 1,890 Yen

I should have expected this when I saw 1/100 Astraea LOL.. Altho we've being milked with 00 variations.. now Bandai have make their next move and spams Exia variations across all its Side Stories variation DX before the upcoming new Gundam 00 Movie ^^;;.... But.. this guy got loads of weapons O_o...

HG 1/144 1 Gundam
May release, 1,890 Yen

This one is kinda literally slapped my face lolz.. Didnt expected that they going to release Ai (1) Gundam ORZ... No pic of the prototype yet.. ^^;;

HG 1/144 Avalanche Exia
June release, price TBA.

I was very lucky that didnt buy 1/100 Exia Avalance since I kinda like the design... dunno why didnt bought tho lolz.. With Astraea Type F... comes 1/144 HG Gundam Avalance Exia.. I think Bandai now focused more on 1/144 scale rather than 1/100.. I wonder why.. Its like they have abandon it ^^;;

G.F.F. Metal Composite O Gundam (Type A.C.D)
Tamashii Web Shop limited item. Summer release, 8,190 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Didnt expected 0 Gundam would have GFF Metal Composite by Hajime Katoki-sama ^^;;... Im not really keen on this GFF thinggy.. the price is kinda high.. and I wonder what the scale is this one... I think gonna pass this one tho ^^;;

Theres also some other MG and HG that Bandai will release soon.... Im not really interested tho ^^ but Not expected they going to release MG Wing Gundam (TV Ver) lol..

And NO... I will not pre-order these upcoming kits... lolz.. but somehow will get it after it released.. Also YES I poisoned, but with bunch of pre-ordered stuff that I made before ... I will stop pre-order stuffs for now especially gunpla ^^;;... Not to mention that I have some of Backlogs that I need to do... plus the lack of space to keep my gunplas and stuffs... So I need to sort out these first ^^

All pictures, release date and price are jacked from NgeeKhiong


Woot Avalance Exia,I wonder if Eva will get it,but hmm wonder if there would be MG.

well.. obviously I think 1/100 market is already at MG.. while they want to produce more income by adding more variety to HG 1/144. That's why they concentrated to HG..
Now that I thought about it HG collectors should be more costly than MG. Look at the kits that they want to release >.<
MG Musha Gundam MK II and MG Wing is awesome and tempting. But I already decided to get the late MG Crossbone Fullcloth >.< (someone poisoned me >.< ahaha..)

bandai betray people that buy dengeki hobby this a bad news seems that we can see XN raiser,sefer and rasiel released as mass production with more weapon Hg raiselnad sefer and complete set of XN raiser with painted parts :( sad news

Bro, not to be worried, you are not the only one. My reactions to that is....... GET!!!!!!!! Coz i also poisoned by them...... LOLS!!!! ONORE BANDAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I might add this to my stash....kits no 41 hg gundam X and no 42 hg god gundam!!!

Everyone is goin "OMG!" on these announces... ^^; I'll only ge MG Wing... The old MG Wing Zero really sucked to me, wanna see how well did Bandai "upgrade"

hope they continue to focus on 1/144 kits, since they are quite affordable and awesome lol

these look cool but im not so tempted to get unless i can think of a way to mod them ^^

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