Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hobby Tools Loot

Today more loot coming and now its Hobby Tools ^^

Quite a while that I bought so many stuffs XD all this cost a bit tho lol...

Aurora sticker, Im quite surprised how small the sticker is ORZ
and it cost RM8 and I bought two ^^;; the sticker size is only 5.5cm x 4.5cm v_v

Small knife ^^, I bought this since Chubbybots said its easier to use this than Hobby Knife to cut the plaplate ^^

Caution Waterslide Decal, got for 1/144 and 1/100 Scale..
not sure can be used on MG Wing Gundam Ka or not,
hope the caution almost same with the one that came with MG Wing Gundam Ka ^^;;

Ah... I have been planning to get this long time ago.. now just got chance to buy it ^^
Tamiya Compound Set, got 3 grade level, Coarse, Fine and Finish.. Forgot to get some polishing cloth ^^;;

Since I already have Black and Earth Enamel color for panel lining, why not get Gray color.. and I bought this one Tamiya Enamel X-19 Smoke, Its a lil bit darker then Gray and a bit lighter than Dark Gray ^^

With this Gaianotes Clear Yellow Lacquer paint.. I now have complete set of clear color nyahahaha
Clear Green, Clear Blue, Clear Red, Clear Yellow :D, what color else did I missed?

Water Slide decal wont be perfect without this, Mr. Mark Softer ^^ not sure if I bought the right one or not LOL, theres 2 of Mark type.. Mark Setter and Mark Softer.. will do research bout this.. but I think I got the right one, ne? ^^;;

Most important item for every Airbrush user.. An empty bottle ^^, well.. its to keep mixed paint or thinned paint that ready to be used for Airbrushing :D

The smallest round brush that I have now.. the size is 00, great for applying panel wash and for painting tiny details ^^

Last one is Tamiya Pla-Plate set :D, I bought this one coz It have various thickness in one package.. got 0.3mm x2, 0.5mm x2 and 1.2mm x1 ^^

Most of this Im going to use for my current project *cough* Reborns and Wing Ka *cough* ^^;;

GN-X will come after this or tomorrow.. my camera battery died again v_v need to recharge.. so some of WISP i didnt get taking pictures uguu.... Ill do part by part so next is Head and Arms.. after than Legs and Waist and lastly Weapons ^^

Oh btw... I tried to find LR41 batteries for GN-Drive but all I can find is LR44 <_<,>


congratulation awesome loot I need some too soon

You bought these internationally or from a local site? I can't fing Mr Mark Setter!!! =.=; My Strike Freedom water decal is still "in store"...

I found 2 local sites that will give me good supplies of tools, but both of them have one thing in common: no Mr. Mark Setter...

And. do you know what is the putty white for? Is it something like for filling in gunpla (gaping holes, or modding) especially when you wanna curves on a section of a kit you are modding with pla plate... I plan on trying out MG Gale Strike. Did some survey on 1/100 Gale Strike and MG Strike, and the parts that need serious mod is the knees.

BTW My MG Sword Impulse IWSP is out... lol

Nice loot there. I should really get stuff from that seller soon... for another crazy experiment? XD

@EXkurogane: What kind of knee mod are you thinking of doing to the Gale Strike? I did a really simple (sorta hazardous) one here: XD

Wow thats a lot of hardware upgrade man :D

Massive WIP modding coming up i sense!!!

@moemoekyun - thanks ^^ go get get get lol

@bd77 - thanks ^^

@Marzz - lol I did missed it ... Onore Orenji!!

ZoiDiect - ^^;; sure lots ppl need them ^^

@ExKurogane - I bought this from local online shop ( they have Mark Setter, but need to pre-order ^^;; oh.. havent heard of these 2 online shop.. I'll look it up what they have ^^

Putty White is for filling gap.. I think Epoxy Putty is the one that u need for modding (adding volume/make new shape) I have that but didnt have chance to use it ^^;; ohh.. I'll read up soon ^^

@CD - Thanks, hehe.. another randomly crazy experiments lol

@chubbybots - thanks ^^, lol not really that massive XD

those pla-plates and cement are very important for Project KnightinGale

Can I borrow your paint and brush
*giggles.. hehehehe...

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