Saturday, February 13, 2010

WIP MG GN-X Part 2 - Head and Arms

Alright time to next phase!!.. I dunno why I put WISP title on the first GN-X post lol... I build this like zombie and its not that slow lolz...

Head unit

Click the image for larger version in new tab
The heads building is not that complex, its simple and at the same time cool too.. it got 4 eyes!! lolz..

the neck connector is something new for me.. the articulation is pretty awesome.. it can goes up really far, tilt left and right, and turn left and right ^^

Articulation on up and down of the head, I didnt take other articulation coz I forgot ORZ..

Shoulder unit

A shot between fully armored and only inner frame ^^
The shoulder design is nice, the inner frame is quite okay.. the amount of details is good, the only things that really 'poke' my eyes is this

the mold lines is obviously visible!! uguuu

But its not that really problem lol.. just a lil bit sanding and its perfect!!

Arms unit

The Arm construction is good.. I really a bit supprise that the arms got full inner frame structure.. unlike MG Exia ^^ which add a plus to this guy :D.. the inner frame got decent amont of details, the articulation also pretty good, altho the finger is usual MG design.. not sure I can cut it off so taht it can move individually ^^

The shoulder articulation is not that impressive, its only can move up till this point sideways.. but the shoulder can move forward 360' like usual ^^ the arms can goes like that in the pic..

The shoulder can bend a bit forward and backward.. which is pretty good... side torso also can move a bit forward and back ward.. I found it pretty nice.. can do various nice action pose with it ^^

and some extra pic so far that I've build this guy ^^

So far I pretty happy with this kit.. minus a lil downside of it lol... the design and complexity is good... I dont see any major problem with it.. (apart from the shoulder one ^^;;)

Next will be Leg and Waist part.. Reborns has to wait a lil bit more untill I finish this guy.. XD..

I need some suggestion... its about Panel Washing this guy... what do u think which color should I use? I'm thinking using Black color for darker part and Smoke(Gray) for white part ... what do you guys think?

Thats it for now.. I really need to go to sleep nyahaha.. uguuu...

Ja ne!~~


Yeah, the panel line colors you said feels about right... so, go for it!
(Haha, I so need a new cam... after looking at your head shots...)

GO GO GO tsuki ninja built that GN-X
is that azunyan pose ?? ^^

That IS a fine looking grunt. Not bad.
*stabbing his hands to control*

Ribbons: ONORE~! Tsukinari~! When ARE you going to finish mine~?! *shakes fist*

To me, i think the GN-claws look hilarious, there's something off about them.... That's just me though....

you know.. your post is really more evil.. >.<
noooo... This is really tempting..

Your post really make the GN-X look very nice lol,more and more impress with it.

looking good ^^ really tempting me to get it haha

i better be careful when reading Tsuki's GN-X wisp or i might change my mind ^^

@CD - thanks, ill go with it XD, go get new one!

@moemoekyun - lol, yeah azunyan pose nyaan~~

@bd77 - it is~ lol *stabs moar*, XD

@Marzz - the GN-Claws is a bit odd tho, me thinks that too lol

@MaftyNavue - v_v sorry being ebil :P get get get

@Keionfan - thanks ^^

@AstrayP03 - Thanks, hehe

@ZoiDiect - lol.. wait for more wip then decide ^^

i too, impress by the full inner frame unlike mg exia...i thought only old kits get "missing" inner frame. guess this is the downside of thin ms. imo this gn-x need more decals/stickers and less "unit 1 to unit 30" marking which is just so waste..

not gonna do a full paint job on this kit?

the arm frame most like PG rite?? that cool..

NIce... The arms are really a big letdown... T.T... Lectures gonna begin on wednesday, so fast... lucky that i finished up my MG Sword Impulse fast, but didn't sand the nubs.. ==

The hands, werent they called claws, would have been nice it they gave "almost PG" fingers.

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