Saturday, February 27, 2010

HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam Custom WISP Part 6

Okay.. back to Reborns lol...

As I mention long time ago.. Im going to rid the Cannon Mode... so Im going to do a simple mod to get rid of the head peg ^^

Here the extra 'head' peg ...

Cutted it off

Put pla-plate to cover the 'injury' lolz

Test fit... Looks kinda good ne? XD

I was going to continue giving this guy some details using pla-plates... but I forgot all the ideas and stuffs ORZ.. so I only put some pla-plate only ^^;;

Put pla-plate on the chest ^^

Also a bit on the shoulder :D

Sideskirts too

And lastly at the knee armor ^^;;

thats all for pla-plating.. too little eh.. lolz.. Well i think its already good since I already made some panel lines there ^^;;...

After done that... I took all the parts off.. and prime it :D

My Surfacer 1200 is nearly deplete ORZ, thats why u can still see Red parts there.. I want to be all Grey like those bandai's prototype ORZ.. well.. it works as prime anyways just that it look weird (kinda pink there lolz)...

Need to restock surfacer soon.. gonna need it alot since going to use for prime GN-X and future MGs and HGs too ^^;;.. There's some cheap surfacer, I might give it a try lol...

Recently I was in MMORPG mode.. playing Aika Online ^^ Closed Beta 2 (CB2) for a week.. so I might zombie for the whole week LOL... ^^;; I played Korean version long time ago.. it was fun.. now theres English version.. playing it right now.. still was fun.. kinda :P.....

Untill next post! Ja ne!


The Reborns looks nice so far. Really nice. ^^
Can't wait til its all painted and ready to fight Tekka00. XD

agree lock that rebons cannon >_< looks ugly


Cannon : where's my neck??

1 gundam with TDS ^^
1 gundam? 1 Malaysia?

That's transam effect right there! Hahahhaha since you said there's pink >.>

He looks like he's using high heels LOL

1 Gundam 1 M'sia LOLxxx

On the surfacer thing, izit for the paints to be applied later to be more even? Some sort like undercoat? I had 1 can and havent touched it yet... xD

@CD - LOL Tekka00 >_<;;!!!

@moemoekyun - LOL

@ZD - Reborns - yay im not mutated anymoar!!!

LOL 1 Malaysia ORZ

@faddy - LOL trans-am orz XD.. its IS high heels O_o

@EXKurogane - surfacer/prime is for paint to better stick to the plastic.. also for apply lighter color later on darker color plastic (eg. white on black so u need to prime to neutral the base ^^) its kinda like undercoat yeah.. ^^ nice~ Im suck at spray cans to I went to airbrush ^^

Reborns head has gone missing.
What are you going to do with the Cannon parts?

@keionfan - huh? I got rid the cannon head part.. u mean the 4 cannons? I can make it as Funnels/Fangs for Reborns :D... the only I dont like is the Cannon Head and Cannon Mode (backward transformation thinggy ^^)

woot.. looks awesome..
wait I smell 1 Gundam..

Haha! So Ribbons doesn't nid to transform his gundam anymore! Efficient!

The neck mod is a nice touch :D Screw the cannon mode. So now your reborns is like I gundam haha ^^

Good job man :D

Lol plaplate band aid :P great job so far on this guy, nice details with the plaplates and panel lines.

wahh playing mmorpg? are you casual or hardcore lol hours of exploring and power lvl is zombie mode guarenteed!

:D good job! waiting for the colour version.

btw... I just found out there is an official white purple reborns gundam... it is called 1 Gundam from Gundam OOV

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