Tuesday, February 09, 2010

WISP MG GN-X Part 1 - GN-Drive and Torso

This will be the earliest WISP that I've ever made after this guy arrived 2 days ago lol, most of my gunplas have to wait like moons then they got to WISP-ed ^^;; like MG Unicorn... its 1 year after I bought him.. and still in the box ORZ ^^;;

So lets starts off building this guy ^^

First lets take a bit look at the box :D

Click to view larger image in new tab
The Boxart is awesome... really nice~ sasuga Morishita Naochika-sama

Side view - some info bout the GNX and some pose hmm.. nice

Box open! GN-X Manual, a peek in side the manual ^^

Loads of runners XD, 12 runners including beam part and polycap

Theres 2 runners that are from MG Exia...

The wording says MG Exia ? i think the wording is different than other runners ^^;;

GN-Drive TAU unit

At this time.. I become a zombie and build the GN-Drive [TAU].. I forgot to take some pictures when I build it ORZ

Different angle shot..

and its not completed without the 'Awesome' GN-Drive Holder!!! XD

Torso unit

The Torso build is pretty straight forward.. Its kinda easy actually.. not really much parts but still good ^^, Altho the inner frame is a bit lack of details.. but this is 00!! lolz

Do u see the polycap at the buttom? the polycap is a bit darker than usual (usual as for me is like Wing Gundam polycap or HG 00 lines polycap), its a bit rubbery than usual (i think) not sure hows the quality since im only done as this far so, will check it out after I build more further ^^

I thought the Clear part for chest is fully clean see-through, It has this foggy effect on this clear part which is kinda nice effect.. I like it ^^

Some annoying things never left alone when building gunplas.. as this case... the inner frame for chest fin... look at the nubs... so thick orz... I have to use hobby knife to trim it of.. my nail clipper wont cut it lol.. where my tamiya cutter uguuu!!!...

after cut of with knife.. before sand it off.. ^^;;

after that I zombie-ed and completed the Torso part XD, the fins is actually very moveable.. can move to various angle.. and the peg is hold the fin is quite good.. ^^ not as someone says that it fragile, I saw it on a review which I forgot where...

Different angle

With GN-Drive Tau attached

Now for the GN-Drive Tau gimick~

I like the way GN-Drive Tau lock mechanism XD, very cool and its kinda like burst mode that on Exia R2 XD

I made vid on the GN-Drive lock mechanism ^^, its kinda lame tho lol and NO SOUND ORZ

my video is kinda lame yet funny lolz

Next will be WISP for Head and Arms hopefully XD... I need to get this 'Zombie' mode out of my head once I building gunpla .. must remember take pics LOL

Well.. thats all for now.. Until the next post!!

Ja ne~~

P/S : I 'might' ninja build Exia GN-Drive and put the led on GN-X's GN-Drive TAU muahahahaha... i dunno lol


I want the GN drive only LOL ^^
if they released GN drive like PG lolz

Wow, nice detail and gimmick of the Gn drive tau!

Cool! The GN Drive mechanism is quite interesting. =D

BTW, the runners says MG Inner Frame 1 & 3. In other words, Bandai planned to re-use them already!


Quick, quick, zombie the rest of the GN-X~!

well, better your Unicorn waits while you gain motr experience in building easier MGs first. That Unicorn is annoying, just to tell you first -the legs.

The GN drive is cool,and the chest 2 binder look like a bunny ear lol.

*Zombie Mode On* *Build gunpla with pure instinct*

I wish to have this zombie mode, so I can build gunpla even with dead tire mind.

Are you going to paint the GN-X?

Hmm.. quite awesome actually.. will look forward for your next preview hehe..
my GN-X fate will lays in your hand hahaha..

the GN-Drive gimmick reminds me of Gundam OO S2 where a Ahead got a GN-drive being inserted into its back...

just like in the anime!!

ohh... looks good for a grunt, but... thick nub marks?... gah.

ohohoho...zombie-mode, eh? at least its not SEED mode. XD

The GN Drive look more interesting than Exia hmm, still use LR41 batteries??

@moemoekyun - lol u want the GN-Drive only XD soon bandai will relase.. just wait.. u like to wait right? lol

@Marzz - yep its cool!! ^^

@CD - yeah the GN-Drive mechanisme is really interesting ^^, I see lol i failed reading japanese word nyahaha.. ZOMBIE!!

@ExKurogane - lol... yeah.. I think Unicorn is kinda dificult to build saw it at dalong >_<

@Keionfan - ^^, now u mention it .. it kinda look like one lol

@B-Mehca - *_* zombie! lol thats really extreme lol, I think ill just leave the color as it is.. maybe... or I might change my mind lolz..

@MaftyNavue - yep.. thanks, lol im sure this one not really dissapointed ^^

@ZoiDiect - yeah.. its nice.. very true to the anime version ^^

@bd77 - yeah.. nice grunt unit.. XD lol SEED mode ^^;;

@Kaymaroo - oh really? need to build fast and then build Exia lol... its exactly same with Exia GN-Drive im sure its the same.. but GN-X doesnt included with LED unit T_T

The funny thing I just learned from these grunt, is how it suprisingly hides stuff, like I though the fins hold beamsabers and the cockpits in the regular chest area. Can't wait to see the crotch cockpit

I like the COCKpit... xD

that;s how immortal patrick escaped death 3 times... most MS pilots like to chop the waist of a MS, no where else... ==;

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