Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finally GETTO!!

When I just got back from work ... I see this on the table...

At first I was like "WTH.... When did I bought this?? !! masaka?! 7S/G?? but the box is HUGE!!" O_o....


ITS IS 00 7S/G!!!!! WOOT

Didnt expect it to arrive THIS fast!! I mean ... its freaking SAL!! not EMS O_o... Amiami post it on 16 Feb 2010 and arrive today ... Its just only 1 week!! O_o.. I was expected 2 weeks since last time I bought using SAL (HLJ) got in 2 weeks XD... this is awesome!! lolz.. LOVE AMIAMI!!! woot!

Wont be ninja build this one tho.. or Reborns will keel me lulz.. nyehehehe... Will do this guy after Rezel (that after Reborns) ^^... Thinking going to give this guy different shade of original color.. not going to give any mods tho.. just re-paint ^^


Wait a can't be just 7swords alone hehe in such a big box...

Woah looks like everyone's getting the 00 7s/g LOL
He's probably selling like hotcakes everywhere xD

any hidden treasure in such big package?

or dont say there where merely bubble wrap and GN-0000GNHW/7SG only ^^

OMG.. you do really ordered that..
well tsuki this time the problems is when I posted comment on your blog..
still cursed >.<

Hey, just 00 7 swords in such a big box??? Or maybe 70% of the content of the box contains newspaper and sponges?? To absorb shock in case the shipping company throws parcels when handling them... You kit'll survive when thrown from 10 floors... xD

Ahaha, I smell hidden treasure.....what could that be....

anyway it's really fast. The postman was wearing red?

I smell... HIDDEN GET!
What else did you GET-OH besides 007S/G? o.o

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