Monday, February 15, 2010

WIP MG GN-X Part 3 - Legs and Waist

Alright, more WIP for this guy ^^ but before that.. GN-Drive light up testing

I got this LR41 batteries at some watch shop in my area.. RM8 each.. pretty decent price..

I picked up the Light unit from MG Exia IGM, and tested it with the batteries.. looking good XD

Since the structure is same u can easily put the Light unit inside :D

Light On!

The only drawback for this GN-Drive, the light on the back is not really good since the structure for lock mechanism is blocked the light from reaching the clear part ^^;;

The effects is nice after attached it into the GN-X chest ^^

Legs Unit

Now to the next phase, the Leg unit -

The leg unit comparison on inner frame and armor attached, the feet's inner frame I didnt put coz already attached with the armor, and I cant get it out lolz (too lazy) ^^;; The armor designs is pretty nice, I like how they designed each armor part on the lower leg.. The Inner frame design is decent, pretty much okay to me ^^

The articulation is good, nothing much to say here ^^

The beam saber storage gimick is nice, the inner frame have a sliding part that a can be moved to reveal the beam saber storage ^^

The ankle articulation is just like that, the polycap peg is not that strong so there will be problem when u try to do various pose ^^;; same just like MG Exia.

The ankle also tilt left and right just bout that far ^^

Waist Unit

The waist part is same Exia with add on some inner frame to fit in the GN-X parts, the new up and down pelvis design also same with Exia and known to have problem like Exia.. the Peg to the waist hole is too short so will pop out when using too much force to pose ^^, I have temporary fix for this, I use candy wrapper and cut it to small rectangular and wraped it on the leg peg and slide into the waist hole.. ^^

Back side of the waist...

The Cockpit, the structure is pretty simple.. nothing much to say here ^^

The seat of the cockpit.. as you can see the seat can rotate around so the pilot will seat like normal not facing up like some says ^^

Last part is the Waist Fin, similiar like the chest fin only its a bit bigger ^^, when attached to the waist, its a lil bit loose and quite annoying coz when you wanna pose the fin keep falling off ^^;; but can fix it with a lil bit cement ^^

Here some extra pictures with what I've done for this kit ^^

Your standard standing pose

Really cool articulation, like this pose :D

Random pose.. lol

Another standing pose ^^;;

Flying action with action base ^^

another pose

After come to this point.. I started to get more problem especially on ankle part ^^;;.. This kit is not bad.. Its really cool but the ankle design flaw makes ppl dont want to buy this kit... some loose part not that major problem with me.. I dont really mind since I can do a little fixing on it ^^

Next will be Weapon unit and Panel Wash (hopefully can do in 1 post).. but before that.. Reborns WISP will come first.. last post on his I actually forgot to post orz.. ^^;;

Anyways.. Thats all for now.. Till the next post! Ja ne~


Expensive batteries you got there. Personally,I got mine at 100% discount store and got like... RM2 for 10 pieces (China branded of course). XP

Nice, the GN-X truly looks great especially in MG form. *_*
Can't wait to get my hands on one...

Man..he does look nice LOL xD

Tempting? Yeah. Weak ankles? Woa nevermind~ Hahahahha

Woh.. tempting..
Tsuki, I think there is nothing wrong with the standing pose isn't it?

Indeed beautiful..
and look! GN-X is a GUNDAM!! (Green GN Particles)


battle treasure=real GN-Drive LoL

weak ankle already?

the cocpit kinda weird no wonder never shot there :P
Gn drive with LED only turn on once then happy and then off forever hahahah

Finish already?? That a fast build.. RM2 for 10 pieces batteries CD?? That soooo cheap, i got another solution idea.. Buy cigarette lighter that has LED light for price about RM2 and u gonna get about 3 pieces batteries inside.. That more cheap than RM8 for 1 pieces rite?:D

Hmm... Since you bought batteries, why didn't buy some red LEDs? Anyway i liked GN-X's legs, and it's a pity Bandai never cared much about the ankle, and the shoulder which cannot swing sidewards up... Quite a nice kit and looks very easy to build...

@CD - lol I thought the price is normal D: ONORE RNDM!!! u got cheap batteries lol

@bd77 - lol soon urs will arrive nyehehehe

@faddy - yep.. nice.. lol cement to the rescue!

@MaftyNavue - Standing pose if you do it right its okay.. lol Gundam JINX!

@Ziodiect - lol yeah... the design flaws orz

@moemoekyun - lol its kinda cool :P, lolz

@kaymaroo - only one left weapons.. then a lil bit touchu up ^^, hm... I wonder if that got same model LR41 ^^;;

@EXKurogane - can buy but how to fit into the gn-drive casing? Im bad with electronic so I have no idea how to mod the led lolz ^^, yeah.. I wonder what their Dev doing... they didnt test first when want to release? T_T the shoulder cant swing I think due the design.. maybe the rush it.. I dunno lol.. yes its nice.. and kinda easy to build ^^

Oh, so you borrowed dalong's idea.... Nice...
Once that trans-am exia comes out anyways, you could use the trans-am's LED. HAHA! go get it!

Some picture make the GN-X look like it can pull off a G-Gundam post ^^
But it look really nice ^^

I have
not much time, but I've got many useful things here, love it!

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