Sunday, February 07, 2010

MG GN-X GETTO! 2nd Loots of the year!

Another loots for 2010 ^^

This is my first order from, I usually order from Hobby Link Japan but now switched to since they started English site for international buyer ^^. The reason why I switched to Amiami because I got interested with their unbeatable discount XD (10~20%).

I'm very satisfied with the service that they provide altho that the system is not that good that I'm used to with Hobby Link Japan. using Email type service which is kinda good for me but theres also downside with it ^^. I like coz we actually communicate with their staff on business that we had with them but sometimes we have to wait for their reply that could takes days ^^;; ... Also not like HLJ, Amiami not allow buyer to cancel pre-order once confirmed, a lil bit downside but I dont really mind since they got nice discounts.

So far I dont have problem with their service, pretty good for my first ^^.. They offer EMS and SAL for shipment, SAL they just enable recently with extra 700 yen for registered SAL (normal one dont have) and including handling cost ^^..

Enuf with Amiami Intro ... lets took a look with the loots lol

My First 00 Master Grade ~ MG Exia Ignition Mode!

Amiami gave a nice discount 25% off which is 3,664 yen (5,000 yen original) - awesome!
Ive been waiting for this like ages and since my local seller when i pre-order this guy last year was too bz and always missing in action so i decided to buy this from Amiami instead.. pluss more cheaper ^^

My second 00 Master Grade ~ MG GN-X!

Amiami also gave sweet discount for this guy 25% end up with 2,640 yen (3,600 yen original) - woot
Most anticipated MG for 00 series which is unexpected to released as MG form... I really like the design ^^

My first HGUC ~ HGUC ReZEL !

Amiami gave this guy 25% off = 1,465 yen (2,000 yen original) - nice!
Its kinda my random get for HGUC also kinda like the color and design XD... eh~ anyone said erected gundam? lol

Also plus with HGUC ReZEL I got prize item (gift?) a plastic paper holder XD really nice quality and nice print lol... I gave it to my sis XD she love it haha

All total loot is 7,769 yen (RM 296) excluding shipment ^^

At first I chose SAL for shipment which is cost 2,780 yen and the total is 10,549 yen (RM 400) but Amiami starts Shipping Half-off Promotion for this month (Feb) and they use EMS instead of SAL - the cost for EMS is 4,000 yen and with the promotion applies its 2,000 yen instead.... and with the amount I pay, its sufficient to use it and they changed it.. XD.. and refund me the balance.. its cool and nice~ lol ^^ for my first time EMS, I say its FAST... took 4 days to arrive, but my area post office is closed for weekend so today I got it... lolz

Thanks Amiami for great service and awesome promotion XD hope u guys doing this always muahaha.. XD


ARRGHHH Rezel and Gundam Unicorn Clear folder~~ HOSHIIIII~

mored discount means more variant mate :P
discount won't blind my eyes lolz with all pre-order I have no more money to do another purchase

RM296 for 2 MGs and a HG?

i wish local store will offer more than 20% discounts on Gunpla....

wah...luckily my appetite for gunpla has been waning....if not seeing your post will tempt me to get another kit....

Noooo.... MG GN-X...
Uhmm Should I get it? or Should I get azunyan nendo..
Woooo.. You poisoned me.. Tsuki!!

I already got the MG Exia, so I really waiting your review on MG GN-X before deciding to get it or not (again.. this is because I joined that cursed room!!! >.<)

Damn... 3600yen for an MG Exia IM... The cheapest i saw is by a seller in, RM 150 for the Ignition mode. The regular one i already got it for RM 135... But, so far the cheapest MG gunpla is my MG Strike Noir, only RM 130 ~3990 yen~, by a seller in KL.

Guys, watch out for GN-X's feet. I've heard complaints that it can't stand well like MG Exia, tends to topple frontwards due to the defect feet plug (not strong enough). I tightened my Exia's ankle and it seems it's not the ankle, but the push-in plug in the feet. Tsukinari, you grabbed 2 kits with exact problems at once... xD I'm still hesitating whether i should glue my Exia's feet. I don't feel it's worth it buying a base stand for a kit which shouldn't have balance/back-heavy problems. An action base is around RM 25... T.T

BTW, you buy internationally, i haven't so far. Is there something like taxes where you have to go to the customs' office to pay, and all the troublesome stuff I'm expecting?

@bd77 - lol, wallet : ONORE TSUKI!!!!

@B-Mecha - yeah.. the unicorn clear folder is nice!

@moemoekyun - discount doesnt mean that u MUST buy more, ^^

@ZoiDect - yes RM296 for 2MG and 1HG, I love discounts lol, I wish local store do discount too but all i see is 20% more expensive .. ORZ

@chubbybots - haha.. u on NENDO mode!!! XD

@MaftyNavue - Its all up to you ^^ the nickname poisonous king is not just for show muahaha.. XD ill do it fast LOL

@EXKurogane - ^^ local store not really use current exchange rate.. some of them use 0.045~0.05 like animetsu.. some I saw at forum sells average price like original which only get a lil income, wants to help fellow gunpla-er ^^;; its depends.. I usually compare first then decide ^^, Im always goes to cheaper one, even its form oversea/direct from japan ^^

I heard it not long ago.. hm.. I'll check it out when i building it.. lol I just ninja get it.. well... I supposely get my MG Exia ages ago from local seller but hes MIA orz..

hm.. sofar i buy 3 times from HLJ (using SAL) and first time from (EMS, this loot) so far didnt have to pay anything or going to custom office yet.. I just picked up the package at Pos Laju office.. on the package I see the customs chop that says 'Di Lepaskan'.. btw the box is really big.. kudos to secure packaging lol ^^

i was thinking that some pvc figures that i want cannot find in M'sia, only solution =buy from japan. BUt i dun have credit card =cannot use paypal lol, though i have an empty account there. BUt i heard paypal now can accept funds transfer from M'sian bank account... dunno.. last time cannot, M'sia no such service... Hope that now can...

@Exkurogane - I see.. I dont have credit card.. but I use Debit Card from, can link to paypal and use it, paypal will use the money in the card even u dont have money in paypal ... hm.. ATM i dont think they can.. I tried last week there no funtion that malaysian bank can fund into paypal.. ^^;; btw.. come join us chat, we can discuss this summor ^^ (look at the chatroom at the top of my blog ^^)

yep, they give us discounts and they increase the original price..

BTW, @ Exkurogane RM135 for regular exia?

i got MG WZC for RM137 AFTER 20% discount.. T_T

I get my kits pretty cheap, if you convert yen to RM it's around 100yen =RM 3. My MG WZC is also RM 135, and MG Astray Blue only RM 170.

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