Thursday, February 18, 2010

HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam Custom WISP Part 5

Totally forgot to post this ORZ.. this WISP was done on 31st Jan 2010 ago.. but then GN-X arrived and I've been zombi-fied and forgot this one ^^;;

Continuation on Panel Scribing for Reborns.. here the steps how I panel scribing

First draw lines with mechanical pencil ^^

then get unused pla-plate and stick it with tacky and align it with the lines that to be scribed

Here the result after scribing and repeated on other lines...

Comparison between panel scribed and without

I added some panel lines below the vent.. the pic is kinda blur orz

Also added panel line on the upper leg part..

When I was pulling out the legs coz wanna make panel line.. the Knee part was snapped...

Ive fixed it with some cement and backing it up with pla-plate behind the part

Thats all for this WISP... I havent do some progressive yet on Reborns due GN-X lol ^^;;

MG Wing Ka still waiting for his turn to be decal-ed and top coat huhu... will do after done with GN-X XD

Till the next post! Ja ne~



can't imagine how much force you'd put on the leg....

petty neat panel line you've made there ^^

O_O too much scriber very rizky if it eas your first time

Does it take that much force to scriber those panel lines?

Nice panel lines ^^ and chill Tsuki! Don't go hulk on your reborns gundam LOL xD

woah.. awesome job..
but what happened with the GN-X?
I'm curious about the GN-X hahaha...

nice lining technique. i'm still trying to find a way that works for me. i need to measure everything!

Ah finally a non GNX Wip lol :D Nice work man ^^ Very good for first time panel line!!!

@Zoidiect - at first not that hard.. but it wont come off lol.. then try another round.. 'snapped'

@moemoekyun - lol.. I always miss scribes ORZ

@Marzz - first only minimal just to make the line so that u can srcibe is many times u want until u statified

@faddy - lol.. it was an accident T_T

@MaftyNavue - Thanks... LOL its coming soon :P

@Busterbeam - thanks, lol I just measure it using my eyes >_<....

@chubbybots - LOL ninja avoid ^^;; Thanks.. actually this was my 2nd try ... first one are from previous post :P

Hmm... how did you actually break the leg? I only know that i did broke my gunpla because i toyed around with them too much... -the articulation parts especially the crotch...

Always liked the Reborn's Gundam design, hope it gets an MG release. Nice technique for panel-scribing, it sure adds a lot to the model.

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