Sunday, February 21, 2010

WIP MG GN-X Part 4 - Weapons

Alright back to GN-X ^^;; this part covers this guy's weapons unit... GN-X comes with 2 main weapons.. Beam Rifle and Beam Saber... and A shield :D. The Rifles comes in 2 mode - short barrel and long barrel mode... and theres 2 Beam Sabers included ^^...

Rifle - Short Barrel mode

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Here as u can see the breakdown parts for the rifle.. the structure is quite straight forward.. and the some of the nubs remaining is nicely covered ^^ come with 3 color seperation, Dark Grey, Light Grey and Clear Purple ^^

Assembled the rifle, the design is quite nice, I like it.. also giving 2 handle for more action pose :D

Another angle, really nice~

Rifle - Long Barrel mode

Here the Breakdown structure of the Long barrel add-on to the Short barrel, like the short barrel, the structure is easy and nice.. inlcuded the details inside it, very nice ^^

Some shot on Long Barrel Beam Rifle with different angle :D - sweet ^^


Next is the Shield, the design is okay, the structure also pretty simple ^^;; ... I kinda like the Beam Deflector thinggy.. kinda reminds me of Flag ^^ very nice

Beam Saber

Finally... A Mobile Suit is not completed without Beam Saber :D, the beam saber is pretty much your normal MG beam saber lol.. the handle is kinda okay.. got hole to stick it into the GN-Claw's palm ^^

Action Pose

Finally completed straight build this guy and now some extra action pose images with his weapons :D

"Oh S**t! no ammo (lol whut?) must get beam seiba!!"

"yosh!! must get another one!"

"Nyehehehe.. now u die, prepare to be stabbed!"

"Mission Accomplished"

"Am I looks Cool than u? Am I?"

"Whut the? Freeze! whose there?"

"Yosh!!! my rifle is reloaded!! (lol whut again?)"

"Long Rifle is Long"

"Long Rifle x Beam Saber"

"Another Long Rifle x Beam Saber"

Alright done poisons with these GN-X pose nyahaha.. :P

Still to come Panel Wash like I said in previous post :D, also if possible or I have freetime (which I doubt), I might re-paint it to different color.. or same color with gaianotes color, but Im not sure yet.. time will tell then huhu..

with this guy done soon.. I can continue working on Reborns.. or I might goes Trans-Am + Zombie-fied and do next MG project (you know which lol) XD...

I will do some nicer photoshoot using my long not touch macro box lol for my full review (not really, maybe just bunch of shots lol) ^^;;

Thats all for now, ja ne~

p/s - Something will change on my blog soon... some of u guys knew already (shh) lol ^^


LoL GN-X goes CS mode~~

so thats the pose that makes you go mad ^^


The pose when it took the beam saber handle makes me thing of that. XD
The GN-X looks pretty nice even without panel lines. Can't wait for the final final product. ^^

woooh.. at last..
the long rifle is a win for me..

I already lost what I want to comment here.. >.<

@mafty buy the riffle only lolz
seems that I can resist this time :D

@ZD - lol, yeah mostly post with the rifle ^^;;

@bd77 - Thanks ^^

@rndm - ^^ yeah its look already good.. hehe soon!

@faddy - yeap.. very nice

@MaftyNavue - lol at last u can comment :D, win indeed ^^.. lolz

@moemoekyun - LOL if bandai ever going to sells the rifle only nyhehehe lol.. get get get!

@EXKurogane - yeah.. me like too ^^

Ok i took the risk and looked at this post....
The long rifle...very nice....

Maybe recolor trans am color haha :D

Shield is almost the same as its 1/144 counter part, Long rifle...Must...GET!

Pity the beam sabers don't come in red...... But nice colour separation for the beam rifle! Purple clear lens...... NICE!

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