Thursday, March 04, 2010

WIP MG GN-X Part 5 - Color Scheme

I've decided to paint my GN-X ^^;;... Thought a lot which color that I want to use.. and end up using DarkGray/Black and Red/Dark Red... Why those color??? coz I going to make this Bushido's Custom (or Graham Custom)... using Masurao Color Scheme :D....

Not much on this WIP, Only photoshopping GN-X line art and make a bunch of Color Scheme to choose ^^

So yeah.. go ahead and vote which one should I use :D

Color Scheme 1

Color Scheme 2

Color Scheme 3

Color Scheme 4

Color Scheme 5

Only 5 to vote this time..... I hope those color schemes is good enough ^^;;... so mina-san please vote which one you think is good ^^... Arigato!!

Till Next Post!! Ja ne~


if you want a read how about using Varanus color scheme eh tsuki?
well just in my opinion cause red+black seems not match at GN-X
but well it's still your choice, for my choice is #2 the more the red is the better ehehe..

Number 1 is the best. To custom color a kit, I'd think that a dark color being the main color, with brighter colors being highlights of certain smaller area and edges of binders makes it look nicer...

i vote number 7! ...err i mean number 1, t looks the most balanced, maybe separate the arm part into two colors and not all red?

I'm partial to the 2nd one though I think you should change the color of the GN condensors/eyes/drive from purple to another color.

Just my 2 cents, why not try making a scheme where black is the prevailing color and having just red accents at the tip of the "X-fins", at the middle of the head ornament and other less "out-there" places. And add a little gold near the chest area and shoulder fins. I think that way it would be more of a Masurao look.

Just a suggestion, but if I had to choose, I'd say go for number 3

@moemoekyun - lol thanks for voting ^^

@bd - yeah 3 look nice too. hard to choose ORZ

@ZD - hehe dark side huhu

@mafty - Varanus is Throne variation right? well.. I want to use masurao color LOL

@EXKurogane - Thanks for the suggestion.. theres lot of color placement in my head.. but I dont want to overthink it ^^;;

@rockleelotus - lol number 7?? XD thanks for voting ... oh.. hmmm that is a good idea.. Ill see how it look ^^

@Derringer - thanks for visiting and vote ^^.. Actually I want to leave the clear color as it is since the kit the clear is already purple.. Not sure if i can recolor to other color.. ^^

@Anon - thanks for the suggestion.. but.. I dont want to make it to look like Masurao.. I only want to use Masurao color which is Red and Black ^^ thanks for voting and visiting ^^

@chubby - lol

@Busterbeam - thanks for voting

@Marzz - lol Red ftw.. Me love red!!! XD

I like number 1 as well but a few things I'd like you to change (just a suggestion).

The inner shoulder parts should be black, it looks weird in red. The crotchpit section should be black too, red kinda makes it too obvious... XD Finally, the arms, that part shouldn't be all red, maybe just the armor section near the elbow joint. ^^

Yeah, agree with CD... color scheme 1 is good, but cut down the amount of area with red color, and make it a major area a mix of Black and Grey, preferably gloss black. Red is for "highlights" at binders, small sections of arms and legs... etc...

@CD & EXkurogane - thanks for suggestion ^^.. I'll try those up ^^ looks like many choose number 1 same like me ^^;;... Ill make a revise version when its finalize..

@heatron - thanks for your input :D

go for the first one.. the color separation is more balance.. good choice for dark gray.. it is not easy to get gundam look good in black color.. but dark gray is always feel like black color and look attractive and still the detail still remain outstanding..

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