Monday, October 19, 2009

More HG 00 Gundam WIP

My first time minor modding on my gunpla kit XD, adding some tiny details on the joints. Its a lil bit messy.. but Its my first time, I think I did pretty okay lol

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2nd attempt to stick the pla-plate ^^;; Its kinda hard for first time trying to stick this tiny pla-plate XP

Added some details at the waist part ^^

Ready for airbrushing :D

After ABed all the joint parts, Im trying AB clear gloss coat.. not really sure how much thinner ratio did I used.. forgot bout it ^^;; and the result are pretty decent... tho some parts I didnt AB it well and end up got a bit scratched ToT

I pretty much AB whole joint parts ....

But it seems that I missed the Twin Drive joint DX

Closer look~ *bling bling*

Another one XD, I kinda like the color.. end up taking more pics ^^;;

Details on the thigh/knee parts.. ^^

Test fit and some action pose lol

Kinda noob at posing lol ^^;;

Trying to re-create PG 00 Gundam pose as seen in Ngeekhiong site XD

Different angle and closer shot ^^

Trying different style of holding GN Sword II XD

Standing pose~

Next Im going to adding details on the armors and stuffs then surfacer/prime it while Im thinking bout the color scheme...

Actually the color scheme already in my mind.. not going to reveal soon after I have if finalize lol, still thinking bout it... Im also planning how im going to distribute the color parts which one goes and stuffs ^^ any suggestion on the color scheme or anything else is welcome.. as well as C&C ^^


Good job on the daring task of adding pla-plates. It's definitely not easy ^^;. The original model is so plain in design but at least you're breathing some fresh life into it.

@Z - thanks for the compliment :), I think this is you first comment on my blog XD. Thanks for coming by ^^

Is that designer color ver or you paint it ?

@moemoekyun - it is Designer Color Ver. going to mod it, add details and re-paint it ^^

Thanks for visit :P

wow. good job on the mods..! ^^ you're moving to the next level alr.. lol. i like the details on the legs and the glossy paint job. looking at your 00 gundam's hands i suddenly tot of using silver panel lining to highlight the details on the hands/fingers. giving it a mech joint feel. cool. hope to see more from you! =)


@Ren - thanks ^^ right now im mostly done with armor details except the shoulder and upper body parts XD, theres lot raining these days ToT, along with work deadlines and stufs, didnt get the right freetime to work on gunplas ^^;; Im kinda hold off ABing the parts afraid if the paint messed up on raining days .. its kinda cold >_<;; maybe I should do some progress on other kits like the MGs lol, thanks again for coming by ^^

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