Thursday, October 08, 2009

V for Victory Gundam

At last!!! Victory Gundam now will be released in Master Grade XD, and its got Version Katoki treatment... Me likey

EDIT - Adding more pictures


Had to post this, since I like this simple yet nice gundam design. All though most of fans wants V2 instead of V1, I think eventually it will come out ^^;;

To be honest.. Victory Gundam was my first Gundam anime, and since that Im hooked with Mecha and Gundam stuffs, the story was okay.. but I hate Uso lol..... anyway.. glad that its coming out after some spams of VS Astray and Gundam 00 ^^;;

More pictures
A little close of the MG Victory Gundam ^^ 
Close up shot, clean design, I like the elbow joint design/details 
More close up with Hexa head, will be included ^^
Comparison with 1/100 HG Victory Gundam, so much different XD

Seperated parts being showed.. I like the details on the leg part XD

Source - NgeeKhiong

Images - Ruli Plamodel, Akibahobby, HobbyStock


Victory was ur 1st? victory is the only UC series that i haven't finish watching...even until this very day. strange that you hate uso, my friend who finished it likes uso, but hates katejina lol.

i'm still not ready to decide to buy this kit or not. maybe later after more pics are shown. somehow i think V2 should not be too near in the future. V2 parts is totally different from V, V2 cant transform.

yeah.. Victory was my first.. Turn A was my second.. 8th MS Team third.. and some others I forgot.. ^^;;

I hate Uso coz he always shouting "Katejina-san!!"... makes my ear irks lol... also he's kinda.. naive a bit me thinks, Katejina is my second hated person lol...

NK just got some pics up... Im going to update this post and hijact some of the pic lol..

Im going to buy both version anyways XD, thats why im buying other HGs rather than HG Victory coz I know somehow it will come out as a MG.. and ... this was happened.. thats make my day ^^

Didn't really like USO also ^^, now come to think of it V gundam very simliliar to force impulse..all the parts can swap and replace lol :D. But looks like your wait is over ^^

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