Tuesday, October 13, 2009

HG 00 Raiser WIP and Some other Stuffs ^^

Finally got some free time ^^;;. So I decided to complete customize my HG 00 Raiser instead... but before that.. some you guys asking what kind of compressor that I use for my Airbrush.. and hows the performance?

Well.. since I bought some cheap china brand.. the compressor is not that expensive its a lil bit less than the Airbrush it self.. I'll just post the images ^^;;

Middle Click the image for larger image in new tab (Firefox)
Airbrush Set - Tiny compressor is Tiny XD

Airbrush mounted ^^

Closer look at the Tiny Compressor

The performance... its really quite decent... the noise not that high.. the air pressure are consistance... altho I need to let it rest for a while after use ^^;;.. For me its already good for me.. for ppl like me that dont have much money to buy better one, its quite satisfied :D

Now move along to some of my tools ^^

Tray 1 - Gaiapaints and Surfacers
Tray 2 - Brushes, Artline, Pen, Markers etc etc.

Tray 3 - Masking Tape, Crocodile Sticks, Paint Trays, Cotton Swabs
Tray 4 - Airbrush, Sanding Block (not using too big lol)

Tray 5 - Laquer Thinners, Flat Clear, Tool Set, Gundam Markers (underneath)
Tray 6 - Compressor, Plastic Clipper, another big Sanding Block ^^;;

oh.. also my DIY Sanding Block that I did while ago lol :D

Finally the real deal ^^ za WIP


all the parts that I need is almost done cutted out from the runners, some parts pending for more sanding and need to remove the seam lines XP.

I leave the O Raiser alone since Im going to use XN kit instead XD, I think I should change the WIP name to XN Raiser or XN 00 Gundam or something hmm...

I'll use the 0 Raiser for my Exia or other kits I think ^^;;. Havent touch the XN kit yet.. Ill go for him right after finish this 00 Gundam.

Now.. I'm testing something for OO Gundam's joint ...


Im using this two Gaianotes Color here, Pure Black Gloss and Star Bright Silver, mixing together with 2:3 paint ratio and 1:3 thinner ratio..

AB test on 00 Gundam's pelvis joint and here the result~

Various angle of the result ^^

Comparison XD

Im trying to re-create Gun Metal like paint, since I dont have the paint yet.. and never really saw how the paint look like.. so yeah... What do you guys think? C&C are welcome ^^

Thats all for now... until next WIP



I haven't touch my airbrush for a long time...too lazy to use so can't really comment on the compressor ^^. But one thing I must say you are very neat! My stuffs are all over the place! I did however airbrushed one kit with gun metal. I'll let you know when I take pictures of that kit :D. But gaia colors really nice! The sliver looks good. I heard if you use the gaia note thinner, the paint will be even smoother and brighter.

Thanks ^^ cant wait to see urs XD. Yeah.. Gaia color is pretty, I used My Hobby and Mr Hobby Leveling Thiner and Mr Hobby Thinner.. Might getting Gaia Thinner (big bottle one XD) ^^

No money to get those paints so I settle with just markers. ^^;
Nice Gunmetal created there. The silver bling is so nice!

wow nice gun metal that you got there, ow i wonder where I could find that compressor at Jakarta? could help me?

Thanks ^^... hm.. I'm not sure since I'm from Malaysia.. sorry cant help you ^^;;

hmm aouch, but could you emailed me the name's of the lil tiny compressor, maybe could search that thing here..

Sorry I forgot already.. its China brand and its not that good .. I used only 3 month (not often) and its broken beyond repair now.. I've bought new one long time ago.. proper one ^^;;

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