Monday, October 05, 2009

Some tiny updates and PG OO Raiser

Its been a while since last post.. been bz with work and stuffs after holiday week ^^;; HG 00 Raiser DC WIP is slowly progressed.. mostly I planning something to do with this kit.. and I decided to give full AB and some details/mod. This guy will be my first victim XD. Other kits will be follow after this.. still got lots planning on those 4 HG kits, Exia, Cherudim, Arios and GN Archer.

Also there will be some change on this blog.. and some other stuff.. Im not gonna tell now.. you guys just wait lol..

now moving to most anticipated PG from Bandai after PG Red Frame :D, PG 00 Raiser...

While ago as usual I surf NgeeKhiong to see whats up on Gunpla news and stuffs.. and saw this



Didnt expect to see the complete colored PG 00 Raiser kit with possible all the stuffs ^^

But it seems there is something not right with this image/sample..

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pic taken from Ruli Plamodel forum

Example look at the second pic, the feet... theres missing stuff there..

Also.. is it me or the lower part of 00 Gundam (legs) look kinda big compare it to his upper body.. the shoulder is so tiny.. I dunno, maybe its just me lol

The feet looks only like 2 parts seperated, unlike MG Exia got 3 seperated part on its feet

should the feet got 3 parts like this?

I dunno too, coz I dont have a PG yet.. so I lack of information bout their articulation and stuffs.. maybe.. its also just me XD, so far we see already assembled parts and only tiny glipse (2pic) of completed kit..

I not gonna buy it anyways.. its way over my budget T_T, so I guess I'll wait for MG release then.. hopefully Bandai will release it.. soon enough ^^


omg, you have great eyes!! i din't notice any of the thing u mentioned.

though i must say, i did feel kinda weird after seeing the 1st pic. how to put it...too plain for a pg?

who knows? it maybe the real stuff? japan online shops can give a 37% dicount (around 17k yen) meaning that bandai still earn from 17k, so the cost maybe not much different from red frame? or they're actually making it plain so that people would have to buy the clear parts to show the "complex details" of the inner frame?

not too sure bout the feet, i don't own any pg as well. now waiting for a UC pg. the old UC pg have terrible design and articulation compared to the new mg, even mg zeta ver 2.0 looks much better than the pg with the new slender design of the legs.

really, i must praise you a 2nd time for noticing the error in the pic.


true... at first I thought it was MG 00 Raiser XD

wow.. they can give 37% discount D: now im kinda worried, seems like its another rush kits... after MG Exia >_<;; hm.. almost forgot bout the clear parts.. maybe.. since we didnt get see the inner frame yet XD

I'll never going to afford a PG lol.. its way to much price differencies between MG and PG T_T

its not really me for noticing the error.. i just found it in Ruli Plamodel Forum, some guy pointed out the error.. cant type his name since i see all korean lol

Not sure if the modeler missed to assembled it out.. but to me it seems that its like Mold error.. coz i saw the part is kinda like 1 pieced.. hm...

need to see more pic of the kits >_<

actually you just need to be more picky and save some money, sure u can own a pg as well. unlike mg, pg only comes once every 2-3 yrs or more, except pg 00 and red frame, which is a big surprise. and pg "usually" is much more detailed than mg, let's say strike, try compare its pg and mg, and i'm sure you would agree buying 1 pg of strike > 4-5 mg of strike.

yeah, its kinda strange for the missing parts. missed to assembled it? photoshop? fake kit? somehow i kinda think this is a prank done by someone for the lolz. he even took a picture at the bottom of the feet instead of other more important parts, it is like he want people to noticed it...anyway, none of my concern as well since i hate 00 gundam and i won't get this kit unless it is free with a rm 100 note attach to it. lol.

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