Saturday, October 29, 2011

HGUC Jesta WIP 02 - Clean Ups

Sanding, cementing and minor modding~ .....

WIP 02 is here~ finally done with this and next WIP is on the way~ This WIP will cover Sanding, cementing and minor modding phase of HGUC Jesta for MVPfigure HGUC Jesta Group Build.. Its taking a lil bit time to finish these phase.. Theres bunch of nubs to sand it off and make smooth as possible until I satisfied.. cementing taking a bit more time to cure so that it hardens and easy to smooth out.. minor modding is just for easy to remove and put back parts for easier to paint ^^... so yeah.. lets get a bit details of some the works here~

 First I did minor mod for the both elbow to arm joint, after inspecting how it goes each other... I cut the 2 peg hole on each side of the arm parts to make C socket, then trim a bit the peg on the elbow joint so that Inserting and removing didnt get hard and goes well 

 Then I cemented the arm parts along with the shoulder parts ^^

 Also cemented the head part and leave those overnight to cure before start sanding it to smooth it out
also in pic the already sanded and smoothed head gear parts ^^


Sanded the rest of the parts, neck area, chest, leg parts, feet and shield parts etc...

Sanded and smoothed both arm parts and head parts after a day cemented :D

Before and after sanded the cemented parts of the shoulder, I try to keep it flat as I can when sanding. A hard wide stick wrapped with sand paper is useful for maintain the flat surface when sanding ^^

 Some more before and after sand examples~ ^^

After all nubs that visible is sanded and smoothed, sorted the parts according to color for next phase, priming.. :D
There do you go after some time to finish sanding, cementing and minor mod phase.. Its been a while since I've sanded lol.. Next phase is Priming, then masking some parts that need to for painting.. 

AGE WIP 02 will come soon either after Jesta WIP 03 or before... haha.. I try to focus on one kit at a time ^^, much easier hehe.. 

Thats all for now~