Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October Loots~

After 3 Months from last Gunpla & Figures loot lol.....

Yeah... its been a while since my last loot lolz..... Should have arrived earlier but Pos Malaysia being lazy and make me pickup the loot instead they send it like usual... its even not that big box lolz..

pics was taken with my Xperia Mini Pro camera as I dont have my camera at the moment ^^;;

This time I bought HGUC Jesta for MVPFigure (B-Mecha) Jesta Group Build as I posted in the last Blog entry ^^.. with extra purchase of HG Gundam AGE-1 Normal just to see how much new gunpla tech they included in the new series.. The new Gundam AGE anime is starting pretty good.. Ep1 and 2 is very nice and I pretty much like it..

I also buy this item, WAVE Option Parts for ZD a.k.a Ariff Rumy Azmi for his project..

EDIT - Bought wrong one, given the wrong link ^^;;

Will start the Jesta and AGE-1 simultaneously, double build lol but with its oud WIP entry.. Both I will do simple Painted Build.. no heavy mod, pla-plating, or scratch building, just simple mod and seamlines fix ^^

Oh and about the GN-XIII Custom WIP, my friend borrowed my camera last week and all the WIP Photo that I took is still in the memory card.. I forgot to copy it into my pc before handed to him lol ^^;;.. so I guess when he give back the camera then I can post it... before that I think Jesta & AGE-1 WIP will appear before that..will have to use my Xperia Mini Pro camera then ^^;;

Thats all for now guys~



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