Sunday, November 06, 2011

HGUC Jesta WIP 03 - Priming

Started Painting Phase Part 1 - Priming.....

Now that sanding, cementing and minor mod for HGUC Jesta done.. come next is Painting part 1 - Priming Phase. so what is Priming, priming is a preparation for painting, priming is necessary to make better adhesion of painting to the surface. It also makes painting easier when painting on darker color of plastic, for example like Jesta, Jesta got darker color so when I want to paint lighter color for example Light blue, I need to prime it, neutralize the color so that I can add light blue with correct coloration.

So what item that we should use for priming? Theres bunch of brand that we can choose from but usually the mostly modeler use is from Mr. Hobby brand.. Mr Surfacer or the new one Mr Primer Sufacer... I use Mr Surfacer since bought it long time ago.. I bought grade 500 and 1200, 500 is more thick and coarse then 1200 which is more smooth.. 
For this project I use mixed 500 and 1200 since my 1200 is nearly depleted... I mixed it around 2:1 ratio respectively and thinner for each drop 1 surfacer : 3 thinner...

This is my airbrush station, my modified airbrush spray booth :D.. I bought basic spray booth (LINK) which is only RM80 then find some card board to make wider spray area and a 10w lamp for lighting ^^
And then start priming,

so far so good, didnt see any problem.. the mixing works fine.. its not very smooth but not coarse either which is good too me :D

After a few days priming, its all done! I used like 3 times of 15ml bottle to prime all the parts ^^ Its a lil bit more than I expected.. since that I did some heavy coat on darker parts ^^;;

All parts sorted according to color for next painting phase and masking on some parts :D

Done Priming phase, so next will be actual painting phase, I'm going to do part by part for each color maybe 2 color per post.. so expect a lil bit more WIP post lol..

I guess other WIP will have to wait till Jesta finish XD.. so AGE-1 and GN-XIII along with others have to wait huhu... 

Until next post! Ja!


Ah... the Hanging Garden of Mugetsu(tm) I see. XD

It'll be another looooooooooooooooooooooooooong wait for your backlogs.

Oh, I noticed they are staring and plotting some devious plans for you...

Wish I can find me some Mr.Surfacer. Although lately my hobby store is selling Tamiya Primer. You know the difference between them?

 Hm... I havent tried any brand other than Mr Surfacer so I dont know the different between them but I think its the same stuffs, both is used for preparation before painting.. I guess u can use it ^^;;

So clean , so flat .... can't do same priming like you.....

sorry for late reply..
well.. I prime it with couple layers and I'm kinda slow doing it.. not fast like others

haha.. the same shop again.. the spray booth.. i'm going to make one and order it from the link u provide..

 yeah.. same shop ^^, and is my main hobby supply shop for me, so yeah.. its nice to see some local hobby supply shop so I wont have to buy overseas for some few hobby supply ^^

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