Wednesday, October 05, 2011

HGUC Jesta - WIP 00 Planning and Ideas

Color Scheme and Unit Name ....

Hi guys.. Its been near a month since last post lol.. now I'm back with new project! (Backlogs : JIIIIIIII) >_<;;;

This is my second time for group build and this time its HGUC Jesta from Gundam Unicorn Series. B-Mecha is hosting HGUC Jesta Group Build which already started and some of the participant already starts building and already finish it *BD77* lol..

Just visit here for more info on the Jesta Group Build ^^

I'm waiting for my Jesta to arrive and while waiting I'm currently planning and sparking some ideas for this project ^^.

First, the build type... I want to do relax building on this guy, so I'm going to do Painted Normal Build... Painted OOB with cleaned nubs and seamlines. No pla-plates, modding, panel line scribing, just normal build, theres bunch of backlogs that I havent finish due pla-plates, modding and panel line scribing, which takes more time to finish.. sometimes I got a lil bit busy, making further more delays and by the time want to continue only did little progressing ^^;;.. so this time I choose Painted Normal Build... hope can finish faster ^^

Second is color scheme... For the past work that I've done.. I use Red (00 Gundam), Purple (Reborns), and Maroon (Sinanju) for my painted build.. and future color scheme for MG GN-X (Gunmetal/Red) and Gunmetal/Dark Grey/Light Grey for HG GN-XIII that already decided... so I'm going to go with Blue-ish color scheme.. added some gunmetal and silver here and there.. with Red lens and stufs..I have already done Color Scheme mockup and you can see it below~

Third and last is the Unit Name or Custom Name.. Since I choose blue-ish color scheme, I was thinking to name it after Blue name but in other context or language... so I did some research and gathering some info and some of the name that came up pretty interesting... theres top 3 that cought my eyes.. first Azrak in Arabic language which obviously means Blue... second is Azurite, a type of blue crystal/mineral.. and Azul for Blue in Spanish... So in the end I choose Azul because its kinda cool, easy to say and short :D... so this unit will be called AZUL JESTA :D.. the unit code will just add -A behind it.. so, RGM-96X-A ^^

Thats all for now I think next part will be WIP 01 when the kit arrives~~

Oh.. btw.. Next blog post will be GN-XIII Custom WISP 03 ^^



 lol nice .. bookstore also sells them lol

 haha.. Rezel is blue too :D... this is like Rezel little brother lolol

Jesta is one of the best designed cannon fodders out there~

Welcome back, the figure looks so great!

LOL yes they do XD even NERF Guns.. huhuhu how i wish i could own one >___<"

but sad no Sale for toys :(

Blue Jesta~ It gives me a feel that it's for marine purposes:D

Now... if only I'd done without ANY issues... *cough*Sinanju*cough*


 Oh yeah.. a bit like rezel XD.. hehe.. me around a week to arrives.. oh you got dual kit TF?

Color reminds me of XD.. Can't wait to get this kit.. Now no money after buying a 2 in 1 pack transformers XD

Hehe this blue colour scheme looks like water / sky concept.

Hope your kits reach you soon

 hehe kinda XD, I run out of color idea lolz

thanks.. soon will arrives ^^

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