Sunday, May 01, 2011

Second Commission Project : KAISHI!

 A lil bit late blog announcement lolz......

2nd Gunpla Commission Project has been started!

Tsuki's 2nd Gunpla Comission Project - SIEG ZEON!!!
Model Kit - Bandai HGUC Geara Zulu (Guard Type)
Client - Me (lol)
Builder/Mod-er - Nazree Anuar a.k.a BD77
Time Limit - No Limit!! Take your sweet time lol
Criteria for the build - Anything XD

Already sent to BD77 since a while now.. I think hes done with it by now lolz

As you guys seen in Zoidiect's newest blog post and on the facebook... I already (90%) finish my long due HGUC Sinanju Custom ^^... Will post it later on soon :D... 

Za Sinanju Kick.. Poor blade >_<;;

Also there will be more post after Sinanju one.. I'll keep it secrect now... just one key word here.... 'Reboot' XD

Thats all for now.. Ijou da!!!...


It's done and a review and comparison (with the Doga) will be done soon.
Test pilot for the review: the pilot for my old MS-06J, aka The Sarge.

sure~ will inform you when next commission is :P... usually I put vote at my facebook XD

I can't help but ask, what are your criteria for these commisions?

Depends... as for first, two commissions, I just do it for fun, reducing some of my backlogs... either he/she did it only OOB or fully painted, modded.. I'll leave it to them :D.. modelers location also being a factor.. my first and 2nd commish I choose the nearest modeler that live near me.. I also prefer modelers that within my country.. makes things easier ^^.... hope this helps answer ur question ^^

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