Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Unexpected May Loot

and a hobby shop coverage in Perak =D

Just went a company trip to Perak 3 days ago ^^.. It was fun and very tired lol... was going to lurk more but since time restrain and tight schedule only went few place... Only last day of the trip went we was going to go back to Terengganu.. Stopped at Ipoh Parade for window shopping lol... I just follow around and went all the place inside Parkson Ipoh Parade and stumble upon this particular Gunpla hobby shop XD... its Kiroro Trading (previously known as Kiroro Hobby)

Here some of his works and display

You guys can check his shop at Floor 2, Ipoh Parade ^^

along with the discovery, I bought this guy from the shop.. get 10% off from the price listed =D RM55 to RM49 which is pretty good deal ^^

for this kit I will build a custom out of it with the name HG GN-XIII/M Custom Mugetsu ... color scheme? hm... Gray/GunMetal/DarkBlue/Silver ish.. not sure when to start.. immediately or after a certain backlogs done lol

Thats all for now.. Part 2 will come later that covers the Trip... only bunch of pics and stuffs hehe...



Ohhh~ Nice collection and builds he done. And... ELEVATOR SHOTS~! XD

TK333: Oh Lookie~ Mobile Suits in small tight spaces. You guys can breathe?

 yeah... very nice!... hehehe


as expected ninja comment lol

Hey! I think I have been to this shop before! But it was so long ago...

aho~ Jinx3! a very nice kit, easy to remove seam, only need to mod the head for seam removal.
nice shop there, so this is the kiroro trading

 lol... thanks for the head up... I might add some mod and plaplates on him huehuehue...
Yeap.. ^^

 Hehe its always a nice feeling discovering a new shop! Especially one with so many nice kits on display!

That store owner did some great dioramas!

 Penang state is such a fail, quite a developed state, but shops like this are rare. Even if there is, they sell bootlegs. =.=;

 yeah.. when I found it I was like 'kitaaaaaaa' almost rolls on the floor lol

 yeah... he did some awesome dioramas ^^

 same here... her hardly got hobby shop and stuffs.. only I know got 2 shop.. and both expensive like hell =_=

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