Friday, May 20, 2011

I've Moved

I haz room now =D

Just quick note... I has now moved from my dad's CC and back to home and acquired quite nice room ^^...  setup everything and stuffs..

my new workshop and setup :D

I've started working on my HG GN-XIII and will post the WISP soon.... ^^, since I has a quite free time from now on.. I hope can pace up the progress and move to backlogs and stuffs :D

Thats all for now~



Your backlogs AND some shelves is needed. =D

As for lighting (for shooting pics), two adjustable table lamps are fine, too. =D

 shelf is still at CC and thinking buying another one since another Saber is coming and going to steal space on current shelf lol...

yeah.. gotta find those too

 You haz moved! 

And woah that table is indeed narrow LOL xD

Gonna need a bigger table if you're going to airbrush lol.

 yeah.. gonna find that one for airbrushing >_<;;

seems like the light diffuse in your room is not balanced.
you need to gunpla in a well lit room, tsuki XD

yeah... theres actually 2 light socket.. and I already installed the other side.. its good now ... but still need table lamp ^^;;

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