Saturday, May 21, 2011

HG GN-XIII Custom WISP 01 - Warming Up

Codename : GN-X Mugetsu.....

Next project will be this guy =D. After a few days bought this kit, I started building this kit 2 days ago.. gonna do basic modding to this kit like pla-plates, paints and stuffs.. Its a sudden loot and quite sudden project lolz..

Since I have a quite free time from now on.. I hope can do gunpla-ing more and finish up what I left on those backlogs that keep staring at me lolz..

Okay.. for starter just like everyone else... the box art and runners...

 I quite supprise that this kit only got 3 runners (excluding pc runner) XD that... so little.. given that.. we got load tons of annoying foil stickers.. I refuse to take pic of it ^^;;..

This is what I did when I was working overtime 2 days ago.. slowly progressed..

 and returned home last night after cleaning and setting up for new workdesk and did the the rest upper body part... cemented parts that needed to..

I cut the back peg thinggy on the faceplate part.. for easy removing and attaching after cementing the head part..

And as usual, make some box and throw stuffs in there for next build session :D

Next gonna do the rest of the lower parts, cementing, and starts pla-plating on this guy..

Thats all for now...



Oho~! Finally you started on him (and hopefully the others, too) =D 

 niCE!!!!! i feel like getting this and GN-X  i knw WIP stands for Work in Progress but what does the "S" stand for in WISP?. can't wait to see more of the WIPS ;)

 Thanks, Its kinda nice kit.. except the abundant of foil stickers for the thigh part ^^;;.. WISP = Work in Slow Progress XD...

Since john still has gn x and gn xii hg I must get both of rum >:d

not john hehe missed typed it on the IPAD XD 

oh Ipad.. too bad I hate apple.. I like Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tho :P

 Thanks.. it became custom GN-X with dark color scheme :P

not bad though nyahahha a XD love using FB and Blogging on the Ipad XD.. i was thinking the same thing like urs.. Dark Scheme ... XD i juz need 2 find a Green Panel Line or Brown

Don't you still have a MG GN-X to finish? :P

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