Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bandai Action Base 3

My first review ever?? >_<;; ......

Alright, I'm kind excited with this Action Base 3 from Bandai :D.. It's the latest addition of Action Base series for 1/144, 1/100, RG and MG.. lets see what it got ^^

The runner
Only one runner, ABS material

The Base
The base is pretty big.. got holes everywhere for the arms ^^

The Gunpla display sheet, clear plastic and some screws

The Arm is pretty simple to build.. done within flashes lol

Its look pretty nice after putting the paper and clear plastic on the base :D

A quick look after it all assembled, looks pretty good ^^

One of main feature of his base is being able to be tilted to show the display sheet on the base... 2 pillar thinggy included and can be attached on the back of the base... pretty cool stuffs ^^

More pic of titled Action Base 3

The Arm articulation :D

And finally its time for pose pic spams~~~~


It's a pretty cool Action Base.. many awesome flying pose can be done and with the display sheet that we can put with our own on the base makes it loot tons more better XD... The tilted effect adds more dynamic to the pose and makes the kit look awesome with it :D.. it only cost 650 yen and it really worth getting this action base :D

Thats all for my little review, I will getting this action base more sometimes soon hehehe..

Till the next post~!



Damms be you! >.<

You just poisoned me in getting it... And I just had p.o'ed the Tamashi stand for mecha before this... orz

The display stand... Looks poisonous...

hehe.. poisonous indeed.. the base is pretty cool... I like it :D

Okay i am so getting this base for my displaying on my office desk! Of course the choice of pictures underneath must be correct lol....

yeah... this base is a must get! XD... make sure you don't use THAT picture lol

finally, you showed the rifle XD was wondering where did it went

the stand looks nice, i have AB 1 and 2, but i think it may use more space. maybe will get it to make a dio, perhaps

haha! was totally forgot bout it till I saw the action base 3 RG Rx-78-2 posing with his rifle >_<

yeah.. It took a lil bit space but I think it took less than AB1.. yeah good for dio imo.. XD

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