Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Current Progress ^^;;

I wanted to post this some while ago.. but yeah.. here it is~~
(middle click (wheel) on your mouse to open the image in new tab ^^)

HG 1/144 Gundam Exia
As u can see some parts not assembled... hate the foil sticker T_T
Planned to kitbash this since Im going to get R2 anyways :P
Planning still blur ^^;;

HG 1/144 Cherudim Gundam
Only panel lined..
Going to kitbash too, recolor it and putting some details ^^
New name still working on... :D
Did some color scheme concept.. should i post it here?

HG 1/144 Arios Gundam
Same like Cherudim, still hate the foil sticker ^^;;
this one are going to kitbash too, recolor and add more details :D
New name is Secret :P (I actually thought bout it)

HG 1/144 GN Archer
4th kit to be kitbashed haha..
New name is GN Nyan Archer (yeah.. really XD)
No comment ..... ^^;;

HG 1/144 OO Raiser Designers Color
Only head was i can build for now ^^;;
this guy i think saved from being kitbashed lol

NG 1/100 Gundam Astraea Type-F
Panel lining pending - some nubs need to vanish ^^;;
this also save from evil kitbash :P
hm... i like red ^^

MG 1/100 Wing Gundam Ver. Ka
Only body part assembled ~_~
need more time to build ToT

MG 1/100 Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka
*sigh* sad... this guy are still in the box! D:
even the runner's plastic wrap are hasnt been tear yet lol

Very.. yeah..VERY slow progress... I think need more concentrating to build these guys :P, with work OT around, I cant build much.. only can watch anime to ease tension and sleep lol.. good luck to me~~~~

I am still waiting for my paints and some tools, estimate will arrive these 1-2 weeks hopefully... and also my first very own airbrush!! around 1 months for now ^^;;
by the time passing.. I'll be get my MG Exia Ignition Mode!! huhu... yay~~ *rolls around* cant wait!

Anyway.. going to watch some airbrush tutorial :P

jya ne!~



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