Wednesday, March 17, 2010

HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam Custom WISP Part 8

Yosh! Finally finished painting this guy! A lil bit more to finish Reborns Custom!

After a week WISP delayed, today I zombie-fied and finish painting this guy ^^;;... again I forgot to take some pics white painting :P at the end I just take finished picture of this guy ^^

Was having hard time to get the light purple color since my Gaianotes Lavender is a bit lighter than suppose color that I need... did some mixing and finally have a closer color to my color scheme ^^... I didnt use black since I dont want to use too dark color or else the panel line wash not that visible, so I mixing again and get dark gray :D

I think the result is pretty good, Reborns now look cooler XD took some pics, dont want to move much since I havent topcoat/flat coat it yet.. didnt want to risk scratching the paints off ^^;;

Next will be minor painting for this guy, paint black on each back of the armor, gold and silver for the thruster and stuffs.. also panel wash and painting clear color... and lastly custom decals (not sure if I will do or not lol)

Now for extra stuff... My PC workstation or Gunpla workbench after moved into my new small room (not really) XD

Full view
Will be re-arrange the casing... kinda risky put there ^^;;

Close up a bit
Look at the boxes under the table! Its cramped! LOLZ haha!

Thats all for now... Till next post! Ja ne!~


It's purple O_O;;;

nice looking purple lolz~!

better re arrange the casing now or...

the backlogs will knock them off lolZ ^_^

Unbuilt Gunpla: JIIII~!!!

Woah, Reborns look awesome there! I LOVE purple and this is... kinda... *_*
Okay, maybe if I get a can of purple and some other tones I might...

My Reborns: O_O! ACK!
Me: >D

The paint is very uniform and well done! *thumbs up*

The purple in real life looks waaay better. I approve.

Dude, better put your pc casing at the side, as the middle is "easier" for you the "accidentally" kick it due to excitement... -_-

Figures in glass: AIIIIIIR~!


looks more EVIL!!! MUAHAHAHA *ahem* very nice!

Nice! The grey color stands out along with the purple.
@bd: You seen it before in real life?

sweet.. a matte coat will make it look outstanding..

wow.. u got a big pc table that can fit so much box..

wow.. actually you keep your room clean and tidy tsuki.. ohohoho..

The purple color scheme look so kick ass and so many backlog.

@moemoekyun - lolz

@ZoiDiect - thanks.. yeah.. very risky >_<

@CD - lolz, haha thanks ^^

@bd77 - indeed, haha.. yeah.. gonna change it soon, where to put I dunno.. there is the only space that I can put the cpu ^^;;

@twilightreap - nyehehe ebil!

@Marzz - thanks! hehe.. I think what bd means is the real life purple is better than in the pc (the photoshop color shceme that I did)

@Seven6398 - thanks ^^ haha.. yeah.. I didnt expect that can put all those boxes lol

@MaftyNavue - thanks ^^ sometimes getting messy but I eventually clean up sometimes ^^

@keionfan - thanks ^^ not really many 4 kits only XD

I like the purple scheme. So many boxes cramped between your CPU... =.= Is there enough ventilation space...

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