Monday, March 08, 2010

HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam Custom WISP Part 7

Today done painting Purple parts for my reborns gundam ^^...I end up using Color Scheme 1 LOL coz I run out of white paint <_< ORZ..... here is so far that Im done with him.. I forgot to paint on some parts on the shield ORZ....

I cant get the Purple color like in the photoshop pic that I did.. end up using Violet Purple instead lol.. The purple color in the picture that I took might be a slight different than IRL... but I look at it its kinda same coz I edited a bit to be same ^^..

Reborns now look kinda cool there lolz... really like the result... Altho that I noticed some scratches on shoulders and some parts .. gonna sand it down and paint it again with the shield.. ^^

Only 1 pic this time.. I was zombie-fied when painting till put it up together and forgot to take some pics.. ORZ v_v

Thats all for now.. Ja!

Next on this guy is Painting the remaining color


then who will be your WISP ?
@_@ it's me or that's blue-purple

Looking good so far. Wonder how many more WISPs before its actually finished. XD

like the light purple that you use on the legs.. and the original color from the helm looks like missing something or too blank.. and you paint the helm with different color from the entire head.. you tell me the answer for the blank.. interesting..

nice color tsuki. The paint texture is also good ^^

Maybe a darker purple will do. Blue violet maybe?

Hmm look nice,the current Reborn look to me like phase down version expect there is colour lol.

looking at the colour scheme, guess next buy 1.5gundam and paint it red :D

1.5 gundam is good, because of the backpack.

thanks.. actually was following Ai (1) Gundam color scheme.. then Bandai released Aizu (1.5) Gundam :D.. I probably going to change it a bit ^^

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