Sunday, March 14, 2010

Major Blog Update! XD

Yes! Finally! Version 2 is here! lol

These few days ago its pretty busy to me ... Overtime and stuffs.. didnt have time to do WISP ORZ... now not much work to do.. I'll be back on the track soon.. ^^

Major changes on the layout.. trying on different styles and stuffs ^^ Welcome to Version 2 :D

I also did a change on my blog name... now its called To Aru Shumi no Tsukinari / A Certain Hobby Tsukinari ^^ The reason why I change it? lets just say Otaku words kinda not fit with me.. since im not really trully Otaku lolz.. so I change it and use Hobby/Shumi instead.. it more fit to me.. since collecting/Building Gunplas, watching Anime, playing games is my hobby.. so yeah ^^

Now on new layout!..

Found it when I googled for some layout that I want to change.. and stumbled upon with this one on I love the layout when first time saw it and decided to use it for my V2 ^^ Ninja download it and did some modifications like the logo changes, background, tsuki logos, changes the width of sidebars.. I will do more mods (change the twitter images and font etc)... took very long time to do (in this case like 2 days top).

Theres also some new stuff that I added, like the slideshow 'showcase' ^^.. very nice stuff..

Homepage now got posts that only shows a summary or some text and will goes to full post when clicked at the post title.. Ive been wanted to use this but my last template brokes when use it ^^

The most drastic change is the color scheme ^^... from pure white to darker green-ish.. its like stepped into the dark side lolz. Theres still some works to do, mostly tweaking some stuffs.. I'll get to it soon ^^.. So how do you guys think bout this new layout? kindly please vote which one u think on the new layout XD

Thats all for now! Ja ne~


nice layout man =D

nice layout man XD

< follower..

Woah more professional looking mate :D Thumbs up for the new change plus it loads way faster :D

@moemoekyun - ORZ now I've tweaked some stuffs.. images now load faster :D

@MaftyNavue - ^^;;.. does my blog still cursed?

@chubbybots - thanks ^^ really love this layout so much XD

Looks professional. I bet it's a
3rd party application/layout and you used their link/embed code (whatever it's called) right? I did thought of updating my layout but the amount of review content in my blog means lots of time is needed to sort things out. Sometimes i tend to screw up these embed codes, or they give me "side effects" where layout of certain items ended up in a mess.

And i just wondered, using pics as links for people to click on to posts (like what you did, and dannychoo) looks nice but i just wondered how much bandwidth they'll take up. Photobucket places a limit of 10Gb/month, imageshack is unlimited bandwidth, provided bandwidth doesn't exceed 300MB/hour. =.=

@Exkurogane - yeah its something like that... the layout is designed by someone for wordpress.. then someone convert it to be blogger compatible, then I download it and modified some of the layout to suit my taste ^^

hm... I use picasa for hosting images since its integrated with ur google account which blogger also intergrated with picasa (all ur images that upload from blogger post editor will store there) ^^
just got to here ... not sure how much bandwidth since I didnt get bandwidth reach or something ^^

@Ziodect - lol no im not haha

@tsuki: wow.. awesome.. it isn't anymore..

The new layout looks great, for a moment I thought this was wordpress, until I was reminded by the extension in the url.

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