Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 Wish List

Well.. Its been quite some time ago that I've been thinking bout this lolz... Its kinda a bit late (its March now ^^;;) I think its time to post this stuffs nyehehe...

I have tons of Wish list, not only hobby stuffs but all kind of things (kinda) ^^;; Some of them are migrated from last or couples of years ago, since I did not have chance to get it obviously lol..

I will put 3 category here.. long term wish list.., Short term wish list, and Dream wish list.. Long term is things that are kinda impossible or takes years to get and short terms is things that I missed to get or didnt have chance to get lol.. meanwhile Dream wish list is.. things where is not existed (lol) but hopefully they will make it (lulz) XD... so here my Wish List of 2010 ^^

Long Term Wish List

Mitsubishi Lancer GT 2.0

Yessss... I want this guy... dunno why.. maybe I like the design.. yep.. will take yyearrrss to get it lolz

 New PC system with Intel Core i5 processor! lol

yeah I've been long to have this system.. Waited like years since Intel announced i5 series lol.. but theres something problem.. while the processor is kinda okay price.. but the socket it used is totally different... meaning you need to buy new mainboard to get the processor work.. plus.. u need to use new DDR3 ram too.. since i5 mainboard only using DDR3 ... so yeah.. basically you need to squeeze more money to get i5 system orz.. it roughly RM1,000 for i5 processor, LGA1156 mainboard, and DDR3 Ram... ^^;;

 55" Samsung LN55B650 Full HD TV LCD

I want this coz I want to play my games in Full HD with BIG SCREEN.. hell yeah!!! also want to watch my Animu with Full HD NYAHAHAHAA... I think retail price is around RM9,000++? XD

AKG K701 Premium Class Headphone

Yes... this is exactly the headphone that Mio always wearing when she writing lyric in episode 5! :P... the first time I saw her with this headphone.. my inner soul screaming 'I WANT THIS!' lolz.. retail price is about RM2,000 i think ^^;;

ANY PG Gunpla!

I mean any... ORZ... no comment lolz

Real Arrange Fate/Stay Night Saber PVC 1/4 scale

The most expensive Saber figure that I've ever seen... the scale is huge... the details is jaw dropping... my mind explodes many times already lol... retail price is RM850+

Short Term Wish List

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka

I have eyeing this guy since I bought MG Unicorn... but the price is ORZ here ... ORZ

Western Digital MyBook Essential 1.5TB External Drive

Been wanted this since last year... my current drive space is screaming for more terrabytes lolz.. retail price is around RM500+

Western Digital 3.5" 1.5TB Green Caviar + External Enclosure

If I cant get WD Elements Due the price and availability, I might get this then buy the casing just like the picture lol... approx retail price is around RM400+

Fate/Unlimited Codes Saber Lily: Avalon PVC

Been wanting this long time ago since the first saw it many years ago.. now its hard to find.. ORZ dunno if I found it or not with decent price lolz 

Figma Fate/stay night Saber Alter / Dark Saber
I always love the Alternate Saber or Saber Alter or Dark Saber XD... the armor design, black dress, Dark Excalibur and the face mark is just awesome! I've been resisted on her Revoltech version.. but this time her figma debut.. I cant resist anymoar ORZ....

Dream Wish List

MG 00 Raiser
WANT!... hopefully Bandai will do this before the movie aired ^^;; must GET!

All MG Season 1 and Season 2 of Gundam 00
LULZ... no comment :P

Dark Saber PVC
Dark Saber/Saber Alter need moar love!! 

PG Qan[T]
If Bandai ever make this .... it will be my first PG LOLZ

RG 1/1 00 Raiser
LULZ just for fun :D

Well thats all for my wish list of the year 2010... lol.. hopefully this year I will get some of those things that listed.. ^^;;... Whats ur 2010 Wish List!? nyeheheh

Ja ne!~

12 comments : matter of fact....i also need to revise my wishlist(again) too...
too many surprises for we are going to face 2011,2012,2013,etc etc


lol RG 1/1 00 riser dont know need wait how many year before they make 1 hahaha. the AKG K701 Premium Class Headphone look nice but the price kinda too much hahaha

Lancer... I might get the chance to own a Civic full body kit if i pass my finals wif flying colors in May... I prefer Honda Civic, but no $$ for type R LOL...

On headsets, I've been using those costed only between RM30-50 each, all from Altec Lansing and they are already good enough, far more superior than standard ones..

1/4 saber O_O That's really big (how much? RM 700? haha), and 3 sabers in ur list... PG so far none of the Gundams I'm interested... ==

Watch out, 1 of the items in ur wishlist, I've already got it recently (I wishlisted it too). XD Only a matter of time when it arrives, maybe end of this month... XDXDXD

Zoidiect, u dun have to worry for another few years, world will end in 2012... LOL... This fact is ridiculous... =.=

Holy, that's quite a list...

As for the PG, the PG RX-78 or Zaku II is quite cheap nowadays (the basic, plain version, that is).

Figma dark Saber, a big improvement than the Revoltech 2G release and... she looks quite... EBIL~! >D
The opposite of nendo Saber Lily. :D

@ZD - nyehehe.. 2011 and so on.. MOAR MONEY DRAINING!!!! ORZ

@moe - not really ^^;;

@Ryu - LOL.. ^^;; actually I was eyeing AKG K142 until I saw Mio wearing AKG K701 lolz

@EXkurogane - Civic is nice too ^^ lol.. right no I'm using Hyundai headphone (RM30+) got pretty nice bass and stuffs.. Im kinda audiophile (noob one) lolz .. YES 1/4 very big! price also big lolz.. PG same.. was eyeing on 00 Raiser but no more lolz WOOT... I KNOW... Is it Saber Avalon!!? nyehehe

@bd - oh not really fan on RX-78 and Zaku lolz.. ^^;; Figma Dark Saber is indeed better than Revoltech 2G Dark Saber plus with gloss finish on figma dark saber's armor XD Ebil indeed ^^;;

Hmm on PG I'd prefer Red frame - the details... Odd, everyone's guessing my next loot (i put it up for guessing in my old post) is Saber Distant Avalon... O_O

Lol, Lancer.... I thought you were talking about the model of the car lol. Turns out to be the real car!

whatt.. the real car.. orz

btw tsuki, I saw a lot of saber lily at your wish list..

Hmm I can see why this are wishlist because they are really nice.

Hmm for the Mio picture the first thing I notice is Mio and her cloth but not the headphone lol well a bit.

Hmm a lot of people have been eying on Sinanju when they get Unicorn.

Your a real Saber fan =X

Hopefully those MG and PG you mention come out ^^

I'm not sure whether you've seen this, but for a Saber fan like you, take a look here...


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