Friday, April 09, 2010


As some of u guys noticed that I've not been online like few weeks now... I've been pretty much uber bz these days.. IRL stuffs and OT T_T... nothing much to say ^^;;

I'll be back a few more days (or weeks) ^^;;


ahaha still alive XD

anyway go focus on your work and get them finish =D

O_o Oic, i was wondering... what actually happened, but somehow something like this hiatus happened quite a while ago last time... I think it was like 3 weeks...

The King still alive thanks god.
the world is save hahaha
see you later ^^

tsuki we move our chat here

sorry late reply lol

@ZD - haha.. still.. pretty uber bz lately ORZ

@EXKurogane - i see... nowadays ppl keeping bz orz

@moemoekyun - lol

@statwiz - O_o, is that u moe? new chatroom! okay.. and ur blog gone?

whoah, OT....hope you can finish those work soon

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