Friday, September 24, 2010

Big Project

My new business :D

Well what the hell is big project that you guys been hearing time to time from me? lol... This was kinda a life changer to me... My first own business I guess.. although a bit supported by my dad ^^

Its my IT Centre project!! I and my dad have been discussed and decided to open a IT Centre shop (branch) around the area where I live ^^..

Been planing like months and now the time has come.. preparation is near complete, and I will be the manager a.k.a big boss (lol) there...

So what this IT Centre do? lots of things.. there will be Photostat service.. not the best one but decent.. :P.. and Fast Copy Centre where ppl come and print out their files/assesment :D.. We also provide designing - business card, bills, menu, profiles, more related to small printing stuffs...

Other than that the shop also has Internet Cafe.. not that big but okay for starter... 10 PCs with decent spec ^^.. There will be also PC repair and troubleshooting service, the shop will is 100% managed by me.. of course will be helped by my lil brothers :D, My dad will managing the current shop that I stay right now.. so yeah.. will be moving soon to new shop nyehehe...

This is my new shop :D the one with the metal shutter opened.. around 2km from my house

Some pc parts also already arrived, and most of the furnitures and cabinets already arrived, only left is to do Glass door for the shop...

Today the processor and graphic card arrived... now left is the motherboard... still on the way ^^;;

Soon I will a lil bit busy than usual... I'm still going to do gunpla-ing and stuffs.. just much slower than already is >_<;;

I want to be like Gundam Guy open his gunpla shop.. what I dunno where to start..

while I've been exposed to PC world since I was lil kid when I was 8 years old.. that time my dad still use MS-DOS ... good old time its natural for me to know about computer stuffs... also I'm interested in this IT stuffs... I think I made a good decision to open this shop ^^

Tomorrow will going to new shop to setup the layout and tidy up some stuffs ^^

Thats all for now guys... Wish me luck for my new business :D



Wow awesome, own business! *thumbs up* good luck man and all the best! ^^ Hope you'll be successful and earn lots to buy moar loots!! wooot! XD

woah.. congratulations! good luck to your new business! =) its not gonna be easy i guess.. but i wish you all the best! ^^ btw i've added you to my blogroll.. cheers! =D

Thanks ^^, yeah will do my best!! I also added you to my nakama list :D

All the best for your new "base of operations". Who knows, maybe if I ever going to drop-by to K.T, I'll give a ring.

To quote from Marisa - "BOOM DA-ZE~!" *clenches fist*

the best luck for your new business.
owning a shop is really challenging I think, also full of risks that I still afraid to have. (that's why I still working with my boss, not being my own boss)

woahhh wish you and your new business the best success :D

work hard and i hope it pays off, nothing like making a living off something you know and are good at ^^

so it IS a CC-in-the package---so my guess should be right? XD hey, display your Gunplas there also ^^

O.o you manage to get the license for cybercafe? Which area is the shop located? If it is in JB might have the chance to visit you :D

Next time we have to call u big boss :D

Business. Haiz... You should start figure-selling business instead lol. Malaysia needs them. Many retailers in KL but not other states. xD

Thanks ^^ lol base of operations ^^;; cool :D

da ze~


Well.. my dad owns similar shop like this.. and I have learn a bit from him.. If i had problem, he will try to help and support ^^ so hope this business will go well for me ^^

I'm still working as designer, when my shop got stable then I might quit and give full attention to my shop ^^

Thanks ^^

yes will try my best ^^.. yeap... :D

yeah.. its kinda like that... its not fully CC but with photostat,binding, etc etc.. haha.. I was thinking somethign like that too XD

Yeah... My dad handle the registry for it.. Although its new a new company.. its just a branch of my dad's company.. so I think its a lil bit easy ^^;;

the shop is located at Chabang Tiga, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu..

haha.. not in JB ^^;;

lol big boss.. mada mada daze~ ^^;;

I want to.. but I dunno where to start.. meanwhile on this type of business. my dad's doing it like over 10 years.. so its kinda built-in in my body and soul already ^^;;..

Maybe in the future when I have chance of opportunities.. I'll expand and start small figure-gunpla selling.. who knows... a IT Centre with Figure-gunpla shop XD

Wa bro... All the best in your new business!

All the best on your new venture man! haha maybe you can display some of your old works by the side and you might get some customers for figures/gunpla :P

Thanks :D... hehe I was thinking doing that :D

*is completely taken by surprise*
Totally, didn't expect you to do this. If you like, mark your place on Google maps and I'll try to visit you if I ever come to Terrenganu in the future. XD

HD ready monitors, HD4350 and AMD CPUs!~ Which AMD CPU are you using? The GC is kinda "weak" though but it can run games pretty well at low-med settings (I have one myself). Too bad those HD5000s didn't drop much in price due to lack of competition recently. ^^; Then again, HD 6000s by end year! >.>

haha.. will do so sometimes in next post :D

yeap!.. its AMD Athlon II X2 245 @ 2.9Ghz.. HD4350 actually is pretty decent.. well... its a budget light gaming pc ^^.. I doubt user gonna play games anyway.. mostly might surft internet ^^... yeah.. I want to wait.. but my dad kinda hurry and stuffs.. so I get this one la... If HD5xxx price drop might upgrade :P

Own business, that's COOL tsuki! Congrats!
You are really taking a great leap :D

thanks ^^ Actually, its my dad's branch.. I just managing it XD... haha.. kinda ^^;;

wow heyyyy~~ new shop! ok la, when you're opening up, inbox me your address!!

sure... XD will do so after all completed :D

Good luck on your new venture. I wish your business all the best.

Is definitely a challenge to run your own business... you will run into ups & downs. Banging your head on the wall, unitl you realize how to climb over it. But certainly, it looks like you are pretty much on top of things there.

Gunbare! And gunpla on bro!

Thanks ^^

yeah... its a challenging... im still got stuff to do before opening, hopefully in a few days finish ^^

hehe.. thanks XD

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