Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Loot - The Beast

A Flying Tiger-man? XD....

This is only a partial of bigger loot btw... :D ..Why sudden getting this beast?.. Actually I upgrade my PC and the old one will go to my 'big project' as a server, yeap... whole system.. my current PC.. So basically I'm buying new CPU LOL,

This is Asus ENGTX460 Direct CU TOP 1GB DDR5 based on 2nd Nvidia's Fermi architecture GF104 XD, oh and how much for this beast?? RM740 including shipping :D

Unboxing starts!

Yeap.. Its a Flying Tiger-man ^^;; really.. at least better than mecha frog from Palit?

The box is black.. I like~

The beast reveal... Its big and heavy.. a bit longer than my GTS250 ^^

It comes with necessary stuffs like manual, driver cd, 6pin pci-e connector, DVI to HDMI connector, DVI to VGA connector and a cd wallet... nice.. I guess its a gift :D

Front and Back view... I love the black pcb XD, the heatsink shroud is nicely design.. i like the color too :D

Direct CU version means that the heatsink using direct contact heatpipes for better cooling goodness.. this guy has 3 heatpipes XD awesome!

And TOP indicates this card is factory overclocked 775Mhz (normal 675Mhz) 15% out of box XD

Altho I can use it now.. but... theres a problem.. my current processor (Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200) is not strong enough to keep up with this beast... and the result, bottleneck happens..

My other parts loot only will arrive next week, so whats im upgrading to... you guys will have to wait lol

And lastly the beast in action.. only put it in for testing then back in box ^^

I guess thats all for today's loot :D...

Ja ne~


Cooo... That's a whopper. A 1GB GTX460, eh? Not bad.
I admit, that card and its' box looks more a work of art than a PC peripheral...

And I'm still using my... X1650. orz

hehe.. this will increase double of my old GTS250 powaa!
yeah.. very high-end / exclusive feel XD

oh time to upgrade?

holy moly! a FAVC = Full Armor Video Card :P it is definitely a beast, nice upgrade... hey man.... send me your old parts, i think its still better than my current system XD

im running a 9800 GT and e4300 processor XD i want to upgrade so i can play new games and make them pretty lol

lol Full Armor Video Card >_<

thanks... unfortunately its going to be for my shop's server ^^;;

hmm.. well GTS250 is similar to 9800GT.. maybe a bit faster... since GTS250 is just basically rebadged 9800GTX+

I am trying to find the game that the tiger av on the box belongs to... any help?

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