Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WIP MG GN-X Part 6 - Additional Details

Finally Next WIP! lol...

Its been like 5 months this guy has been in hiatus lol.. XD Just now I got a lil time to take some pic and add a bit more details ^^;;... I think its far from finish adding details yet.. I have yet to received my supply for this guy.. more M.S.G parts etc.. This is what I've done so far within 5 months... pretty little progress ^^;;

No pla-plate used yet... Should have make pla-plate while I'm waiting for M.S.G supplies ^^;;.. Maybe I'm too lazy to cut those tiny shapes haha..

Planning to put some M.S.G Vents on some parts (mostly at chest and hips), gonna see if its good or not.. that.. need to wait still it arrive tho ^^;;,

The feet area also need more M.S.G shape thinggy.. the one I bought got so little with many different size... I need like 10 of same size .. orz lol, I just can use the pla-plate.. but too lazy to cut nyehehe ^^;;

Full View after assembled :D

Hopefully next WIP will come soon enuf and not going into hiatus again nyahaha..

Today's Berbuka Puasa Menu.... Ayam Panggang ! XD

Ja ne~~


FINALLY~! After five months... I can't wait that long.

And finally, he's done. At last.

nice details and panel line design, i always find that very hard to come up with XD will wait to see what kinda plaplate add ons you come up with ^^

haha the long awaited WIP XD looking nice with the MSG, but surely better do some platings, they help a lot

haha.. ^^;;

Not yet!! got lots to do still >_<;;

thanks... hehe.. I just randomly slapping the msg parts on the kit lol.. got few idea in my head.. but I'm not sure if I can do it without messing it up ^^;;

hehehe.. thanks... yeah, your right.. gotta get my laziness aside and do some pla-plating ^^

I see a lot of "screws". How many did you use, tsuki?^^

buhaha spamming koto msg parts I see :P Trying to cut pla plates is damn tiring though argh!! Probably need to get some of these parts myself when I have the cash!

hehe.. its look kinda like screws lol.. I want to use more.. but the one I bought only got less than 5 for each size ^^;; 1 runner got only few but got lots different size ^^;;

hehe.. its easier than cutting those pla-plates into tiny shapes ^^;;.. tho I need a plier with rubber coz sanding those with bare hand is ORZ.. I dont want to hold it using tweezer coz I just scratched one badly before lol.. hehe.. go get them!

Woah, nice..

btw it's hard to post comments at your blog tsuki >.<


oh is that so? how hard? like before?... I was able to comment just like normal.. Is it because of the Disqus commenting platform that I'm using?

haha. atleast not completely abandon those guys.. ^^;; lot more things to do, and soon bz with my IRL project so yeah... on hold again ^^;;

hehe... havent touch my airbrush like.. months lol

nice to do your wip, even after 5 months.
I haven't done a progress after my Wing Zero finished.

gotta befriend with my airbrush first.

oho, I like this!
that trapeze shape, what type of MSG is that? Might consider getting since I like the shape ^^

you ever finish this? I hate to say it, but I'm building one myself right now and very tempted to use one of the custom color schemes you posted.

sorry for late reply ^^;;.. Havent check my blog recently lol.. yeah.. its been in hiatus for ages lol.. sure go ahead.. I'll be glad to ^^

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