Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sudden Gunpla Overload

Prepare for bloody wallet massacre lol....

Its been a while since last post ^^;;... Been bz with preparing new shop... sorta... I can say its about 90% done.. ^^

While ago I checked Gundam Guy and got spammed with tons.. tons gunpla news >_< onore bandai lol some are really just supprise me, some just 'meh' lol and some I just dont care :P.....

(click for larger image)
The most unexpected news is the MG GN-XIV... I thought after MG 00 Quanta its going to be MG 00 Raiser.. but noooooooooo Bandai must reuse GN-X frame too .... thus u get MG GN-XIV... still... its pretty awesome!..its instant SOLD for me... XD

This image of MG 00 Quanta is pretty cool... Quanta Cast off lol.. and it got full inner frame! yay!... love these images ^^ PO-ED

Next is this guy.. Extreme Gundam... its going to be released under HGUC line? and look at that... Gackt as the pilot voice!!!!!!! after KR Decade (the OP song) now hes into gundam?!!? COOL!!!!! not sure get or not.. but I see theres more mode on him.. hmmmm...

Now for mass poisons, MG Gundam Wing series.. love all those next MGs after Deathscythe!! and another DS release with WING! ^^;;.. I like Sandrock.. look awesome! gonna get them all! O_o

HGFC Nobel Gundam... I like the design.. :D.. might get her after release too XD

and Other thought... more HG from Beginning Gundam.. HG Forever Gundam and HG Hyaku Shiki GPB version? okay.. skip :P

PG SF?... skip.. lol

man theres so many gunpla for future release... >_<;;;... more backlogs for me then ORZ...

Extra stuffs
Finally Saber Plamo prototype!!!!! LOVE IT!!! INSTANT GET!!!! lol
maybe this will be my first Koto kit XD

I really need to resume WISP after done with the new shop... I might post some pic soon nyehehe..

ps : maybe I can start sellling gunpla in the new shop too nyehehe... so who wants to sponsor me? :P


Gunpla images is ripped from Gundam Guy
Saber Plamo images is from AkibaHobby  and HobbyStock


Ohhh.... Lots of new ones I see... Wait... HoiHoi Saber is... 1/20 the scale?

I am so stoked to see those new releases!!! I love that gundam 00 quanta cast off...its an exact recreation of the final scene in the movie!!

I was surprised that Bandai released the MG GNX-IV so soon.... Definitely getting MG 00Q, but..... not that soon.

yeah, MG OOQ is a must for me..and the boxart is just awesome..

somehow i feel like laughing when bandai just showing everything XD

lol HoiHoi Saber >_<... I think so.. 1/20 scale..

haha.. me too.. love it.. wow.. exactly same? havent watch the movie yet ORZ... must wait for the DVD

yeah me too... well.. since theres GN-X... Bandai cant let it alone and says "lets make GN-XIV.." as expected from Bandai... using existent MG Frame to the fullest :P.. PO-ed MG 00Q already.. and I havent finished GN-X and Exia is not even build yet.. still in the box >_<

yeah.. saw the boxart.. its just kickass with awesomeness XD

laughing... with tears that wallet is bleedy pretty badly >_<;;;

Cough Cough... even I hardly resist the new gunpla poison...

But what scare me the most still SDX and super robot chogokin XD

hehehe... yeah.. tons SDX and SRC going to burst out too >_<;;

that are the laughter of the pwned one..i laughed at those pwned people bad i am XD

HUH?HUH? Saber PLAMO?! How come i dunno anything one?!

sandrock and heavyarms.....ohoho COOL!!!

yeah.. cant wait to see its actuall prototype ^^

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