Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sometimes Mistake Happens

I like to share what I've experienced past few days ago ^^;;
(Warning Long Post lol)...

Many moons ago I've placed a pre-order from and as usual using SAL Registered :D.. then few weeks ago my pre-order now ready to be ship to me.. So I paid to via Paypal like always.. then a day after, they inform me that the order has been shipped on 10th Jun 2010... I confirm it and rolls around that I cant wait it to be arrived :D

I expected the parcel will arrived in a week... since last 2 times I got from them it arrived within a week... So after a week, 17 Jun 2010.. the parcel is still has not arrived... so I check online tracking and It says in Status column "Departure from inward office of exchange" and the office is state "Kuala Lumpur"..

So I thought it still on the way... then I wait more, now its almost 3 weeks after Amiami shipped the parcel, 30 Jun 2010.. this time I'm kinda worried a little bit... decided to check online again at JapanPost SAL website.. still same status like before... copied the tracking number and track it on PosLaju tracking website... Result was non existed.. Then I panicked.. "OMG it get lost!!" the first thought that came in my head ^^;;

Then next day I called PosLaju.. give the tracking number to check.. they said they didnt get the parcel.. I panicked more... after ORZing endlessly... and play some games try to avoid from being crazy (lol) then suddenly I thought of something... I went online and emailed Pos Malaysia Customer Service Centre.. Put all the details, tracking numbers, my info, etc etc.. This is my last hope for getting back my parcel (at 2am ish) ^^;;

After work, I opened up my email and I got new email.. and its from Pos Malaysia! I ninja click it and read it, I was shocked! They stated that the parcel is exactly arrived at Malaysia within 1 Week!! (17th Jun 2010) and something not right after that... it says the parcel was delivered on 20th Jun 2010!!? "What the..." my eyes was wide open didnt believe what I just read... my dad didnt get any parcel on 20th Jun 2010... then I just noticed they use PosDaftar and use different tracking number... It was damn weird.. coz before I received all item from Amiami (SAL) with PosLaju.. there must be something wrong here...

So next day I called up Pos Malaysia Terengganu, after I told the situation, they passed me to the Register department.. after talking and talking.. they said It was indeed delivered on that day.. So I ask who was the receiver.. they gave it (I wont reveal here lol) and I dont know who is it.. they ask me if he was my relative or so, I strongly said he is not.. So there must be the postmen that sent to wrong house or something.. they advice me to go to Pos Malaysia Office ASAP to sort this problem out... Since next day is Friday which is weekend off for Terengganu, and next Saturday coz of the first week of July the Post Malaysia Office closed, So I had to wait still Sunday (today) ..

I really worried sick back then.. its been over 10 days after the parcel was delivered to the wrong guy!! I cant imagine what happened to my loot ORZ!!!!

Today, I went there... went back at Registry Department.. and inform one of their staff that what happened to my parcel... after a few mins waiting.. then someone came to me... he introduce himself as State Manager of Terengganu's Pos Malaysia Branch.. I was kinda shocked.. lol, on him got this paper that printed all my parcel info and status history.. he said he's aware of my miss-delivered parcel and invited me to come with him to retrieve the parcel from one of the postmen which after my call last thursday, he went to the receiver's house and hold the parcel... "Yokatta!!! *handfist*" screaming in my head lol.. But I'm still wondering how the parcel's condition..

After a while talking and stuffs.. The postmen was mistaken my address and delivered to Kampung Tok Ku instead of Kampung Tok Kaya (which is not very far away ^^) and he appropriately apologies to me, I was kinda okay with him and impress with his fast respond despite that the mistake he's done ^^ we are human so I know sometimes we make mistakes..

Well, I got my parcel back! yatta!! and its still in good condition, there's no sign of the parcel being opened and seal tape still there :D

I'm really glad that I got my loot back... This was the first time that this kind of event happening and I hope that this will not happened to me again.. I thought I lost it ^^;;... And I want to especially thanks to the State Manager of Terengganu's Pos Malaysia Branch for willingly to meet me and solved this problem ^^ I really Appreciate that..

This is kinda long post once for a while.. just wanna share to you guys ^^ so yeah.. thats it..

so what loot im talking about? wait for next post nyahahaha..

Ja ne~


LOL I'm glad it's okay, if not tsuki might go crazy XD

Lucky for you man, good to see that the staff were so helpful!

Oh, hell, if that happened to me I'd get endless naggings from my parents because they disliked me shopping online because of the hassle i need to go through if the parcel is delivered when i'm not at home. I'd have to drive 30 minutes to Pos Laju office, at a place which i have never driven to before and hence unfamiliar with the road (my dad usually picked up my parcels from the Pos office if this happens), and i get nags for giving him unnecessary hassle. Glad that i still don't shop from international sites so far.

For your case, this is why i hate Pos Malaysia overall sometimes. Their delivery can be very fast, but they can be irresponsible, even for Pos Laju. My friend got a rude shock from his afternoon nap after hearing a huge slam sound at his house, only to find out the postman threw his parcel directly from outside by the road into his front door inside! (not Pos Laju) And didnt have to sign anything! Lucky that his loot was double packed!

*Waiting to see what are the loots~ ~EXkurogane~ lol

LOL ur one lucky guy! One thing bad about malaysian post is the workers open ur parcel to see if there is anything valuable for them. happened to me once >:(

thanks, never experience this before.. ^^;;... yeah the staff is a nice guy :D

Owh.. ^^;; so far away.. from my home to pos office only around 10~15 mins ^^..

Well.. I think it depends on the State.. some got bad rating/management.. some really good.. and some not.. Wah.. thats is awful... here theres got nothing like u said, throwing parcel around and stuffs.. if it happens.. im sure the postmen will get some beat up from the village resident lol.. haha

Tho that I like SkyNet more that PosLaju, they always call me whenever I got parcel arrive and ask if I want to pick up or send to my house.. so far in Terengganu I think SkyNet is the best :D

This kind of event will give me heart attack. Luckily I never encounter anything like this before. What I usually had is the damn postman at my area refuse to deliver to my place even the package is PosLaju.

Personally I ban PosLaju unless I got no other option. Else I rather go for something better.

But In fact SAL should go to Registered post instead, then EMS goes to PosLaju

yeah.. thankfully ^^;;.. hm.. I havent heard bout that one here.. that is one untrusted workers <_<.. should be fired on the spot .. happened to you once?? so the item is gone? till now?

it almost makes me goes crazy.. thankfully theres some games on pc that i can play to prevent it lol.... wth.. lazy postman.. orz...

hm.. I didnt think bout that.. I thought SAL should go PosLaju same with EMS ^^;;

Yosh~..............Tok Ku and Tok Kaya name almost similar...thats why the postman sent the package wrongly.....but I'm really interested since that package still in good condition(its really rare situation ) :)

Yowch... Wrong delivery, to wrong VILLAGE~! The postman should get his eyes gouge out, (stress) test it and then slam it back where it came from.

Seriously, Ku =/= Kaya...

haha... its similiar but not enough to be mixed up ^^;;... yeah.. im kinda shock too when got the package and still in good condition.. I guess the receiver is a honest guy? :D

haha.. I'm sure he will be careful next time ^^... I think after I left the State Manager scold him XD

Wow thank goodness you managed to get it back...i'll go into panic mode if anything happen to the preorders!

Nah, they didnt take anything. Thankfully the worker wasnt a gunpla fan :P

you are so lucky.. i experience something like this before.. but mine was delay due to the detention from custom Malaysia.. then.. have to pay for the clearance only i can have the item.. some kind of tax.. i was wondering.. you never got tax for your item that order from amiami?..

thanks.. I'm glad that I get it back ^^, haha thankfully the parcel was in good condition :D

yeah.. hopefully never happened to me again ^^;;.. ohh? maybe ur order is too big? nop.. so far never got tax/custom from amiami both SAL and EMS shipment.. even from HLJ before I switched to amiami

I see... haha.. so he just opened it and look then close it? O_o...

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