Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nendoroid Saber - Super Articulation Edition

Finally she has been announced on GSC website today ^^

The first most articulated Nendoroid or should I call Super Nendoroid :P and Saber from Fate/Stay Night has chosen to be the first character to be Super Nendoroid XD...

Slated to be release in October this year, this Super Nendoroid has at least 21 articulations giving figma like articulation first ever to the nendoroid series.. Sculpted by Tsuyoshi Oda and Meishi Takano with cooporation Nendoron. Material from PVC and ABS with special new stand design and approx height around 100mm.

The regular price that GSC give is 4,000 yen how ever I saw on some online the regular price is around 3,810 yen excluding discount that they giving ^^

When I first saw her.. I just screams like crazy lol... Nendoroid Saber!!! and is SUPER!!! XD.... very awesome figma like articulation which is I never expected GSC going this far for Nendoroid series ^^;;.. Totally blew me off lol.. the accessories also very nice.. which included the clear sword from the Saber Excalibur PVC.. yay! I like the expression it has... the Hetare expression is epic lol

I'm definitely doing to get her as I missed the first edition of Saber Nendoroid.. Been searching Nendo Saber like ages.. now that Super Nendoroid Saber announced .. gonna get this one instead :D

Pre-ordered it just now from Amiami which gave 21% off with final price is 2,970 yen excluding shipping XD

And no.. im not ninja click.. I've been hunting for Nendo Saber like ages ^^;;...

Cant wait till it release!! 4 months to go! XD...

Info is taken from Good Smile Company
Pictures is taken from Amiami and Good Smile Company


This is really nice! I'll pre-order this so I can exchange face with saber lily <3

Very very nice! I want one of these...i just don't know how to spot a fake one. XD

indeed! haha.. Saber Lily nendo with hetare face!! EPIC!!!

Im sure there will be some time the bootleg will pop-up.. since this one is new one that hasnt been released ^^ the first edition of Nendoroid Saber i think they have fakes one since its released long time ago.. u can surf this site for how to spot fakes.. ^^ http://blog.chucksanimeshrine.com/2009/07/how-to-spot-fake-nendoroid.html

argh!!! Moar poison!!!

Seriously man, this is really good news for nendoroid collectors...lets hope they release the Saber Lion for this new super version!

yeap SUPER!! its has joints unlike the regular nendoroid, so u dont need to change the parts when want to pose etc etc XD.. Super Nendoroid!!!!

Ive poisoned right after saw this on NK XD.. ORZ

yes really good one! Yes! I want Saber Lion too!!! moar poisons! :P

Tsuki iz poizoned again nyehehehheheheeh

lol haha.. its been a while since I poisoned and PO it :P

lol i like the first pic. Pity is that the stand plugs on her back... a bit ugly... I malso terribly poisoned, POed Dead Master... Heard that BRS original ver released last year will be re-released as well. =.=

A MG-fied Nendo! So you ordered it, huh?

hehe... yeah its a lil bit ^^;;.. I guess its due to her skirt? its look like they implemented figma like stand to nendoroid ^^.. I was hopping GSC would do a stand similiar like Tamashii Stage act2 :D... ahhh Dead Master... too much PVC coming out.. I'll just grab Saber Excalibur only ^^;; other than her its too much for me LOL

LOL MG-fied Nendo! XD... yeap Pre-ordered her :D

You are already poisoned. *points ala Kenshiro-style*

ugu... Dammit... That IS quite... tempt*stabs hands*EYOOOOCH~!

lol really deeply poisoned since the first seen her... insta get! :P

very temping indeed... lol

ah, you remind me
I want this one! But I just put a pre order on a gunpla.....need to reconsider, hahahaha

I see, well.. since Bandai always reissue gunplas unlike figures that's why I recently restrain from pre-ordering Gunplas.. going to pre-order figures which im interested before they become rare item :D, furthermore.. I got tons backlog to do haha ^^;;

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