Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kotobukiya Saber Plamo?!

Did you see what I saw? ..

Holy-Excalibur-Noble-Phantasm-Calliburn-Grail!!!1!1! Koto is making Saber!!! @&*(^#$@##$!@%^#@$ *explodes*

Definitely looking forward what Koto is bringing down! is it Saber Plamo? SD Saber? ORZ!!!ONORE KOTO!!! Wallet bleeds strike again!! TT_TT


damn its look awesome with colorz!~~ cant wait !!!! *_* ORZ!! XD
*wallet bleeds moar*

Just when I got a little free time from OT and Outstation.. I thought visiting NK since havent read since weeks ago lol.. Totally forgot theres WonFes going in Japan and I ninja read some of the preview from various WonFes report sites, as usual tons new upcoming stuffs waiting to bleeds your wallet ^^;;

Some thoughts on the WonFes preview..

Figutto Mechanical is digging me.. gotta see whats Griffon got in their sleeve, the first series is gonna be Armor Core series.. featuring Nineball and Dual Face ... \o/

Koto's new Frame Arms Redom Type is pretty cool, very nice details, the orbs thinggy on the chest reminds me of Quanta O_o

Figma KR - seems that they working on US version of KR Knight Rider than the original KR Ryuki hm..

GSC - tons of stuffs they making, most of them almost nearly poisoned me except Dark Saber LOL!! abunai desu~

Kaiyodo - very nice upcoming Revoltech line up.. :D

Rests - dunno to many nice stuffs im already blind lolol

Next post is my third Loot that has been delayed since weeks ago ^^;; ja!

I need moar animu and games!! nyahahaahhaahh

P/s : oh yeah October MG is Rezel, what a bummer! I still havent build HGUC Rezel yet~! ONORE BANDAI!!! LOL!! on other hand MG DeathScythe EW is look good :D


Thank you koto!!! Now i know i was right not to get the nendo version!!

I'll be getting BOTH!! nyahahahahahha!! >:D

ONORE FIGUTTO~! When are you going to release your figure lines~!?
Revoltech Shin Getter Ark... Hmm... >D

I cancelled off some of my shopping plans after seeing wonfes. I posted on them a bit too, and seriously, i might have to live on instant noodles... =.= Black Gold Saw, Saber Alter and Miku miku...

moar characters going plamo now~ hehehe so far im still safe...uh wait...i think my first defense is weakening...

^^;; they making mecha now nyahaha!
yeah that one is epic!

Wooo.. ^^;; indeed wallet bleeds strikes again! hehehe *_*

yeah.. I hope that Koto's Saber is plamo like hoi-hoi san indead of articulated SD since we alraedy have Super Nendo Saber!! XD

haha.. enforce more shield!!

Oh no c'mon, Alter saber is just too damn Bloody tasty, But I nvr buy figures, and I might never will.

Im gunna burst your bubble, Its a Hoi Hoi Cosplaying saber, HarHarHar }>=]

BTW What the heck if Figutto?

hahaha wonfest is like a bloodbath for figure lover :p

koto is starting to compete with nendo? hahaha

lol Bloody Tasty XD... oo lol I hope not!! LOL

Figutto is Griffon's action figure line up to compete with Revoltech and Figma :D...

XD... this is going to bleeds more wallets~~~~ LOL

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