Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Home

for my nendos and gunplas~~ :P

This is the 3rd Loot for July 2010 XD, and its a Shelf with glass window.. Actually it a bookshelf.. bought it RM150 few weeks ago (8 July 2010)... was to make this post but got delayed due RL ^^;;

This thing is tall... and quite heavy too :D

After a while assembling ^^

A lil bit more to finish!

I took it few days ago after arranged the shelf and stuffs ^^

Some shots of the shelf inhabitant lol XD

I'm planing to put some lights in it.. :D and some other stuffs ^^ make it more interesting XD

4th loot didnt make it.. due delayed release (ONORE GSC!!) so I just make it Loot for August lol

Thats all for now .. giri giri post lol.. 5 mins to 12am (1st August 2010) nyahaha

Ja ne~


So THAT'S the case you've been mentioning about... Looks like everyone there is more happier (AIIIIR~).

Somehow, your Disqus is doing a PMS... Tried login in, it got stuck. :P

One good thing about such cabinets are that you son't have to worry about dust, but they sure look less fancy than the clear "plant-in-wall" shelves. I don't know when I'll add shelves on my room's wall though, my mum is against such cabinets... >.<

bigger shelf!
oh noes! even with glass cover!

yeah.. I would like to get Detolf which is got full glass cabinet.. but at my area theres no Ikea and Ikea didnt offer shipping to doors.. ^^;;... but this one works either way for me... a lil bit decoration/stuffs will make it more nice and interesting :D... oh.. I wonder why she against?

yep! more air!! lol
u mean the shelf's glass? or the window glass? ^^;;

shelf glass :D i see that you found the CB action base back XD

ah yeah... was cleaning up my room and stuffs.. I found it in my PC desk's drawer lol.. also found my other lost things nyahah ^^;;

What?! RM150 for a glass shelf? Great price and Btw, its made from MDF?

thank!! MDF? not sure what u mean haha...

Woah, RM150 for that is a steal. Great price and it looks huge. Wanted to get one of these but I got "something else" which I haven't shown on me blog yet. Well, at least my kits got more space now. Ahah.

yeah... at first I couldn't it was RM150.. insta buy that time lol... the shelf is pretty wide.. its huge... oooo I think I know what that "something else" nyehehe...

I really want that, my collection doesn't have a place to begin with

btw how much is the shelf tsuki?

and actually my eyes are into the Wing ver Ka.. How about the recent Deathscythe EW ver?

RM 150

hehe.. MG DeathScythe EW is looking good... I might getting it but not so soon ^^;;

hey.. that look nice.. from my opinion.. better than detolf.. so.. did those glass seal well so that not much dust get in?.. i saw that in Jusco before.. but i have no more space in my room.. haha

Thanks :D, yeap.. the glass close pretty much well.. it does prevent the dust from getting inside ^^.. oh I bought it from normal furniture store ^^ .. haha too many stuffs in your room :D

that's definitely a nice loot and investment :D
my gunplas need cleaning from time to time because of the dust.

thanks ^^.. haha.. my home also invaded by dust.. the new home will provide some protection against the ebil dust ^^

Why u use celestial being base 4 wing gundam?

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