Sunday, July 11, 2010

NO, Thank You!

Two Words - EPIC WIN

The song is just awesome, animation is superb, Mio in hoodie is badass!! Ritsu's hair down is kawaii!! everything is just EPIC WIN!! lol.. Much better than Listen!! and Don't Say Lazy! IMO XD

Extra stuffs - the lyric~ courtesy of Atashi's blog -

NO, Thank you! (TV Size Version)
Vocals: After-School Tea Time (Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Yoko, Sato Satomi, Kotobuki Minako, Taketatsu Ayana as Hirasawa Yui, Akiyama Mio, Tainaka Ritsu, Kotobuki Tsumugi, Nakano Azusa)
Lyrics: Omori Shoko
Composition: Maezawa Hiroyuki
Arrangement: Komori Shigeo

Crammed on the whiteboard
Are graffiti and free wishes
Even if the after school chime echoes in the setting sun
Don’t desert the power to dream
I wish
Let’s sing
With a louder, louder, louder voice
Carry hope on your lips
Fly high max
Every time when you do so
Our pieces turn into light
I don’t need memories
Because I firmly and deeply love you now
Getting immersed in my memories is a sweet, adult-like luxury
Yet I want to hold back from it for a little while

NO, Thank you! (TV Size Version)
Vocals: Ho-kago Tea Time (Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Yoko, Sato Satomi, Kotobuki Minako, Taketatsu Ayana as Hirasawa Yui, Akiyama Mio, Tainaka Ritsu, Kotobuki Tsumugi, Nakano Azusa)
Howaitoboodo de hishimekiau
Rakugaki jiyuu na negaigoto
Houkago no chime yuuhi ni hibiite mo
Yumemiru power misutenaide
I wish
Let’s sing
Motto motto motto koe takaku
Kuchibiru ni kibou tazusaete
Fly high max
Sono tabi hikari ni naru
Watashi-tachi no kakera
Omoide nante iranai yo
Datte ima tsuyoku fukaku aishiteru kara
Omoide hitaru otona no you na kanbi na zeitaku
Mada chotto enryoshitai no

NO, Thank you!(TVサイズバーション)

落書き 自由な願い事
I wish
Let’s sing
Fly high max
そのたび 光になる
思い出浸る 大人のような甘美な贅沢

I think this song just healed my flu, fever, sore throat and cough... YATTA! LOL


Havent listened to this song yet, Im at ep7 of K-On S2 so far (kinda boring so far compared to S1). Do you know the song "Sweet Bitter Beauty Song" by Hikasa Yoko as well? I saw that it is under K-ON! soundtrack but haven't heard it so far in the anime (and my favorite).

I just begun massive re-downloading to regain all my anime soundtracks. My PC broke down and over 2000 anime & J-pop songs, over 10Gb are GONE!!! T.T Already recovered 250 songs within 2 days...

Ah.. I see.. well.. lately I've been marathon some anime to catch up and at ep14 they got new OP and ED, I thought that its going to be 14eps like last season but it seems that Kyoani is making 26 eps ^^;;.. Indeed this season is kinda slow/boring than S1 but some of the eps I like, like the SummerFest eps and Sawako-sensei's Rock-and-roll ep XD.. ahh.. that song.. Its really good, Actually the song is a B-Side (2nd) song of the first OP singles... really catchy song ^^..

Ahh.. ^^;; thats really going to takes some time to gather all again.. I got all K-On!!'s soundtrax, Singles and also Character Songs.. but havent looks on some of recent season's anime, ^^.. I need moar hdd space ahaha..

I cried, I shed a tear, This is what I've been waiting for, for along time. Seriously this song is Bad-@ss, they actually pulled it off in such a moe-blob filled world, geuss I have an excuse to finally watch this^^

Btw can I ask for an exchange link

Indeed... ^^ I like how they make ED more serious than the OP which is more hyper active and moe~ lol, haha.. nice excuse :P

sure.. I've already add u in my blogroll ^^

Finally, I've been waiting forever for an awesome song for the second season. None of the songs have been particularly nice(to me) unlike the first season. Now this, this is something else! It's just so worthy of listening on repeat even if it's just the TV version for now. I can't freaking wait for the full version to come out!!

And just like you said, two words - EPIC WIN!!

Well i place a temp link for the full song for ya
here the full version
i been non-stop listening to this on and on and on and again and again and again

havent been following K-on season 2
Will try to youtube this vid, hahahahah

hehe... i like all 3 ending song.. the opening songs also nice but like ending more XD,... me cant wait too ^^


I've heard this before after a while the new OP started, after hearing it its kinda more like modification of the TV Version, make it longer and remix it a bit.. since whole song got same lyric over and over till the end... As far as I know full version must have new lyric lines that in TV version doesnt have ^^;;; guess we just have to wait till the new ED singles is out :D

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