Sunday, August 15, 2010

First August Loot - New Poisons!

and new challenge!! XD

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Yess!!! Dark Saber has arrived!~ hehe, but she is not what u guys think :D.. she is a bit different than usual.. she's not a figma!, not a pvc (well almost), she is certainly not a gunpla (duh!~) lol.. she is a Resin Kit (or Garage Kit)!! XD

Bought from arrived within 10 days after they sent it ^^ it was acceptable time frame for me :D.. I bought it about RM120-ish excluding shipping cost.. I think its a decent price for a Resin Kit ^^

After open it up.. she is Huge... i mean literally.... I didnt see the scale when bought it... I think its 1/6 scale.. and the height is around 25cm-ish...

The resin material is pretty solid... the cast is nearly perfect with a bit of nubs here and there... but I think its like that ^^.. theres no seams line that I cant find.. only minor one at head and hands.. its quite good cast... the only problem for me is the Dark Excalibur.. its a lil bit bend ^^;;

Tested fit to see if theres parts that not fit well... so far so good.. and the skirt pieces is huge lolol

The casting detail is pretty good... very nice~

So... that all I guess... Dunno when going to start cleaning (removing mold oil/grease something like that), some sanding, pinning, lol.. I dont have proper tool yet (brass rod for pinning, some color), so I have to wait a bit till I got those I think in next month or so..

Why getting Resin Kit? well.. I wanna try something new! lol.. thats crazy haha.. I havent mastered gunpla skillz yet nyahaha... theres tons backlogs screaming at me ^^:;.. and Also.. coz I want Dark Saber!! LOLOL pretty good reason? :P

Okay.. okay.... backlogs will be soon enuf.. hopefully Jinx or Reborns one.. its pretty damn overdue orzzzz...

Sore ja... matta ne~~~


So it has finally arrived, eh? However...

Reborns, GN-X: JIIIIIIIII~!!!

Wah...this is quite a big jump man!! All da best!! She is lovely ^^

Hi my first time here.
woah very nice garage kit there good luck and 120 rm is cheaper than PVC also.
by the way you have very nice blog layout :) .

Good luck in painting her, dude. Wait...
Do I hear your gunplas are staring at you with dagger sharp stares?...


TK221: Sad...
TK402: Very sad...

Thanks for visiting :D
yeah its pretty cheap
thanks ^^

Thanks bro..
LOL.. they glares like going to eat me ^^;;


OMG RESIN KIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I THOUGHT ITS GOING TO BE FIGMA DARK SABER LOL

Good Luck on this one ;)

woaaah, resin.
I still not ready to try it, afraid of masking.

good luck!

woah i was expecting a figma lol good luck with this! i have no clue how to approach resins, but its always fun to try something new now and then and she looks quite cool :D

yeah.. masking will be PITA on this one.. but I thought this one is pretty simple... the other saber resin is more complex ^^;;

thanks :D

time to get airbrush!

(cheap one lor...DIY hehe)

me or you?

lol.. cheapest that I can found is Motool HD-130 (0.3mm) around RM85


haha.. that one also.. ops!! almost spoil!! lololol.. hm.. me too actually.. but for sometimes ago I have been watched and read some tutorial.. hope im not going to mess up my first attempt on resin kit XD.. yeah she is cool~

of course me lol

might gonna get the student AB (rm40 something) that should be enough for me to learn ABing

compressor..its time to be self-approved electrician!


that student AB, its like gun thinggy right? not all metal like mine?
lol DIY compressor.. awesome!

lol i didi not no there is a resin kit 4 tis

Starting something new eh? Resin kits.... Too expensive and I don't have the proper tools for them....

Oh... so this is how resin kits looks like... I never saw it before.... so now you need to paint it and assemble it right? That's all ?

The painting part is difficult for some lazy bum like me....

There's tons resin kit out there.. even resin kit for gundam, mostly conversion parts... ^^

Yeap!.. depends on resin kits.. this on is a bit cheaper... more complex more expensive... me too dont have proper tools.. but half of the tools are same like gunplas (sanding, cutter, airbrush etc) the only tools i need now is brass rod for pinning (assemble the resin and make it more sturdy than just glue it) and some paints (flesh/skin tone color) :D

^^... yeah paint it and assemble it (pinning) .. thats all... :D

yeah.. painting is most difficult here.. haha.. me lazy bum too.. my jinx and reborns wisp hasnt move since few months ago >_<;;

WOW... O_O I have no guts to try out GKs. RM 120?? That's cheap. So far the resin kits I've seen have price tags like... 10,000 yen and above.

Dark Saber and the price is poisoned me to buy this resin kit XD.. yeah.. its cheap ^^... I guess its cheap coz its a re-cast... yeah... 10k yen like that Audrey Burne Resin kit ... and its a Volk.. must be higher quality resin material ^^;;

this one. enough for me for the time being ;)

ah that one... I saw that sometimes ago at mgs2u but forgot the name... I think try it out :D... if good maybe I buy one for extra XD

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