Thursday, May 20, 2010

They have arrived~

Today after got back from work I see this on my PC desk! Woot! They Have Arrived~~~

I didnt expect that they arrived at the same time... since one of them I ordered and payed latter than the other one haha...

I pre-order these from Otacute - first time with them.. they got some nice exclusive figures and stuffs with reasonable price.. the shipping also got a few option - Registered SAL, SAL, EMS and FedEx... I choose SAL since its the cheapest shipping solution there ^^, but estimate arrival is longer than EMS - 2-3 weeks... and these arrive in 13 days.. its a bit slower than Amiami's SAL (top a week from my last purchase - HG 00 7S/G) but i think since its a normal SAL while Amiami's Registered SAL.. normal SAL get lower priority than registered SAL, i think lol...

Okay enuf of some rants... Let open the first one!

Its a Nendoroid Sanae!.. well.. at first I was poisoned by Moe/Statwiz and ninja pre-order her.. well.. she is cute and stuffs... kinda like her at first... then suddenly lost interest lol.. not sure why ^^;;...

Im not going to open this and I'll probably re-sell her to someone.. who wants? lol

wait... theres more in the box!...

Otacute apparently slip a few stuffs inside.. it is a promotional flyer on Revoltech stuff ^^

Pretty big flyer it is! :D

They also put this item inside ... I think its a gift from fellow Nakamura from Otacute :D, thanks man..

Opened it and its a kinda of plastic bookmark? its look one to me ^^ I dunno what character is it.. its pretty nice and the plastic is a bit transparent :D... I want a female anime character ... like Saber! haha

Next Open!!!

Oh.. its wrapped with some kinda of wrapping paper!! woot? Nendo Sanae didnt get wrapped like this.. is this kinda special service for her? :D *slowly open the wrapper* XD

Its a Figma Kirisame Marisa! Well... this one is not mine, this is BD's newest member! the badass Marisa!! lol BD!! REJOICE!!! lololol

I'm not really know nor a fan of Touho, so I have limited information on her.. but all i know is she is a badass lol

Otacute also slipped some flyer inside.. this time the revoltech flyer is pretty small XD also got same gift from them.. thanks again! :D

*put back gently into the wrapper* lol..

I will post to BD soon nyehehe!

Me - YATTA!!!!

I've started continue doing on my MG GN-X... it will be in the next post!! Ja!!!



they all had arrived~!!

should cost how much that sanae then? (LOLZ)

And here they are!
Eh, how come you suddenly lost interest? Looks like you're gonna find another person to sell your stuff to. Nothing wrong if you lose interest but you sure change your mind rather fast. XP

Aha, BD's loot is also here. Can't wait to see him use her in his 4koma. Even more chaos will ensue soon. XD

HOLY~! Its... OOKI~!... +_+


Now to give her a 1/144 Twin Buster Rifle, ze.

@ZD - hehe... well. its around RM180

@rndm - yeap... they here!! haha.. I dunno myself lol... must be that im to poisoned with something else ^^;;

haha cant wait to see that too :D

@bd77 - XD haha.. lol

Arrgghh.... Disqus... =.=
For me, Bblack Rock Shooter Animation Ver. PO opens... O_O Muz get... Must PO...

Didnt notice i double posted... xD I did have a yahoo account at disqus, but the name there is different and somehow when i commented at gunota through my yahoo account i had problems, and my name was changed, thats why i sighed when i saw disqus... Glad that posting as guest is easier...

I am the 3rd person to PO BRS, which means i might get the first batch of stocks... xD On Hitagi, i didnt PO yet, considering my budget first. If i want, i wil grab it once it is stocked in. I check gunpla and figure selling sites daily... xD

freebies....that's a very nice service from the seller.
switch marisa's body with revo kenshiro then ship to bd...

yeah.. saw that while ago... Me wants too.. and its the same month with Hitagi PVC ORZ..... WRY!!!?? Might have to skip both and wait for GSC Dark Saber LOL.... <_<

p/s - I've deleted ur double post ^^;; why not register to disqus comment.. :D

For me, Bblack Rock Shooter Animation Ver. PO opens... O_O Muz get... Must PO...

Oh.. I see.. I might try read when I had a chance ^^

That bookmark is on characters from the Manga Beelzebub. Not bad manga, you should try reading it some time^^

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