Saturday, June 05, 2010

First Year

Interupting my upcoming GN-X WISP post lol...

I just realize yesterday that this month is the month that completes the 1st Anniversary of my blog haha....

Time sure pass fast ehh... Its just feels like only few months since lolol... Many things happened within that time and I meets some wonderful gunpla meisters, really nice to meet you guys :D

As a year passed.. I dunno what to say lol... I think im pretty much the same since ^^;;...

I'm gonna take this opportunity to say many thanks to all you guys for visiting my blog and all many things this past year ^^ I appreciate that a lot :D

So what next?...

Well... theres so many things that I want to do ... more WISPs.. more loots and stuff lol.. I also pretty much going to have some gaming... and of course more full-time works lolol...

first starter for this new season .. finish the GN-X! lol... then going to slowly working on those HG guys that had been held for long time hahaha.. dont expect it too much tho.. since I'm very slow and works here and there plus overtime ^^;;

A little status whats going on so far...

> MG GN-X... still in pla-plating and MSG-ing the kits... should be done soon haha

> Other HG ... glaring at me endlessly and successfully blocked their view with my CPU lol

> With that I have make a change a bit for my PC desk and stuffs

> Still working on IRL big project that has been hiatus like ages lol

> Will be getting new loot soon... nyehehe

> Currently sucked in playing Assassins Creed II and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell : Conviction lol

Until the next post... ja!


Congrats on first anniversary~! ^^

my my, a large wall blocking Kits' glares lulz XD Arios is holding MSG Lance ehh hahhaa

GRATZ!!! on your first year bro...more blogging years to come! XD

thanks ^^

lol... they are scary when they glares lol

yeah.. not sure when gonna mod that Arios haha... the Drill Lance kinda heavy haha

yosh! happy 1st anniversary, I love that red 00 :D

Thanks :) , haha his other name is Tekka-00 lolol

Forgot to ask. Did u know any free CG software to Gunpla Cg works?

Congratulations on your 1st year anniversary, dude.
Be looking forward for more post. =D

I noticed that you've placed your Pee1 modem on top of your system unit, bring a little more forward and you'll be able to "RAIDA PAANCHI~!". XD

Rezin: What the?... They are in a aquarium...
TK402: Consider us lucky...

what u mean CG works? 3d or 2d? if 3d im not sure.. can try blender... if 3d u can use GIMP or inkscape

Thanks bro XD, pls bear with me ... im slow haha

lol.. actually I put there coz I got better signal than on the table... might put it a bit forward if it messing up a bit.. just rider kick haha lolol

LOL... I dont have... a shelf ORZ... wait soon nyahahaha

a... Like photos on Gunpla manual sheet.....what suitable program to make something like that?

congrats for 1st anniversary.
It's still long for mine though.

Congrats of the first year mate! I have more wip staring at me compared to you!! haha!

Man....tempted to get shana....

1st anni too haha...
I can't buy MG gunpla as planned for this week, somehow my mum saw my shopping bill at RM 1300 already... =.= I'm gonna get lectures if i buy more... have to wait another week or 2 i guess... T.T

Thanks ^^.. haha.. I cant imagine ur backlogs glares at you lol.. must be 10x scarier than mine haha..

ohhhhh get get get >:D

hehe Thanks..

Ah.. nice coz u got someone that can control ur spending >_< unlike me my mom just say do what ever I want coz its my money ^^;;... the thing is im hardly can control.. see that want see this want.. lately not buying anything coz saving for something big O_o.. lol

Congratz on the 1st anniversary! You're pretty much a popular man right now. XD

Hm, looks like your Tekka 00 is assaulting your Nendo Shana. *ahem*

Gunplas: "We're feeling a bit hot here... we can feel the heat radiating from that big black rectangular object!"

Thanks ^^, eehh.. not really ^^;;

hes getting revenge haha


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