Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Gunpla WIP Status & Planning + Extra

Ossu~... I guess now its time to me to post some updates and status of my gunpla, since I've been away for a long time hehe...

*Images will be upload later*

HG 00 Raiser + XN Unit Custom (a.k.a Tekka-00 by some of you guys lol)
- The Kit it-self is almost nearly finish.. only some minor detail and fix some stuffs here and there..
- The twin sword is yet to be painted (red)
- The XN Unit also yet to be painted (ORZ)
- I'm thinking of overhauling the kit (making v2 or something like that)

HG Reborns Gundam Custom
- The kit is also almost finish, but need to fix some of the stuffs (strengthen the joints etc)
- Shield need to be painted
- Weapons need to be painted

MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka
- Need to apply the decals (orz decal hell!!)
- Top Coat

- Airbrushing pending
- Panel Line pending
- I might consider making new panel lines ^^

MG Unicorn OVA / MG Exia IGM / MG Kampfer / HG 00 7S/G / HGUC ReZEL
- Residing in the box (LOL)
- Dunno when going to build (or ninja build)

Other HGs
- Modding/Detail-up pending
- Still on planning :D

LOL so much work yet to be done.. ORZ


As now theres some gunplas will release soon lol... some of them is really tempting (onore bandai) and some of them I ask my self should I get one (like MG Wing)

HG Astraea Type-F
Damn.. really poisoned.. by the weapons LOL.. sure gonna get this one.. but not sure when lol

HG Aizu Gundam
Brilliant way of Bandai milking us with 00 gundam gunpla with extra stuffs here and there lol... I really like Ai (hence my reborns gundam modded) lol... and soon Bandai will release Reborns variation called Aizu gundam or some of you guys prefer 1.5 gundam.. I dont like numerized gundam name and stuffs.. just look at the art box

I dunno why they use 1.5 instead Aizu... lol

HGFC God Gundam
Not really fond of this series.. so skip!

MG Wing Gundam (TV ver)
Yet another Wing Gunpla.. well.. I really dont mind.. and its kinda has nice design and stuffs.. but I like Katoki-sama's design more.. lol... dunno should I get it or not... lol

HGUC Double Zeta Gundam
Kinda tempted.. but I dont really like Bulky gundam lol... get or not to get XD

MG Musha Gundam MK.II
I dont like the game.. dont like the design... meh.. skip~ lol

I think I will not buy gunpla's related for a few months (or more i think).. since I got tons WIP to do.. not to mention a few backlogs T_T instead I got planning to upgrade my pc lol...

*Gaming MODE*

My next target after GTS250 is......

Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Casing
New Casing!! yes.. Im so getting this one..Cool design.. superb airflow... black interior... and its cheap!! only RM155 XD

Thermaltake SpinQ VT Cpu Cooler
yep.. My stock cooler is hot!.. orz... need better one haha.. really cool design.. this one is RM 160ish

lol... this is kinda long post haha.. got more for my pc modding.. but Ill keep it myself huhu

Thats all for now.. ja!


I'm already drooling over 1.5 Gundam, so can have the perennial baddie >)

Regarding your wanting list...
*does a farewell gesture to the wallet*

Big expense coming up for tsuki! Haha!

wallet : nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! XD

its hard when got poisoned haha (as matter of fact i shall be poisoned when i encounter 'those' in front of my eyes so....)

@bd77 - lol ^^;;

@marzz - yeah.. uguuu

@ZD - lol... its hard indeed XD

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