Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Back and Poisoned (badly)

Yep... Im back (not really) ^^;;...Its been a long time guys haha, I had a hard weeks for me with works filling non stop and stuffs haha.. been outstation to KL several times, did not have chance to surf and stuff lol.. Company's big project is on the way.. Just today I got a few days off lol... finally XD..

And yes!! within that time im poisoned too.. badly... ORZ... no.. no.. its not gunpla or figures poisoned... its much more worst ^^;;...

Finally!! New graphic card and a new Power supply!~! lol.. Now i can play more intense game!! lol

This is Palit GeForce GTS250 512MB DDR3 E-Green... I bought this one RM350 back in KL XD... I found this is the cheapest GTS250 out there.. BUT its a E-Green version.. which means its a low power consumption version thus.. the clock is a bit lower than usual ... but I used is overclock nyahaha!!... Yes... its not a really new GPU.. its a rebranded 9800GTX+...with lower price.. although its an old GPU architecture (G92 - 2 years old i think) I dont really mind... actually I think Nvidia chipset is powerfull they can use same chipset to compete with ATI's new chipset on its level.. if u think bout it.. its kinda cool.

okay enuf of the runts and stuffs... next!

this is Huntkey Power Supply.. 450watt true power... which is needed to run this GTS250... the old on I got is cheap one that come with the casing haha.. I bought this for RM150

there... my new poisoned mode... ORZ.. I think im now more gaming than gunplas hahah..

for an extra item...

ja-jaaan!! MG Unicorn OVA/Movie version!!!

LOL WTH!!! DID U ALREADY HAVE VER.KA!! ORZ <-- this is what u guys said after see this pic lol

well.. i got reason.. the reason is.. recently I just poisoned my friend with Unicon anime (the OVA) then he wants to buy my MG Unicorn Ver. KA.. then I sold it to him.. after that bought this to replace my sold unicorn :D nice ehhh~~ nyahahaha

I think ill be here for few days... before I back to endless works lol... perhaps theres no more of that.. ORZ...

oh.. also to bd.. sorry I didnt reply ur email .... I just did reply now.. didnt have time before to check email.. the item u want will arrive soon ... :P

thats all for today.... my gunpla progress? NONE! ORZ T_T....

ja ne~


poisoned by graphic card XD
welcome back!

Nasty piece of hardware loots there, dude.
And good thing you've sold of your Ver Ka as the anime version is tonnes (I think) better.

As for the item, WHOO HO~!

@marzz - only one, ver.ka sold to my friend ^^

@ZD - thanks ^^ hehe

@Heathorn - yeah poisoned badly

@bd77 - thanks ^^, yeah... i think anime version is a lil bit better lol... haha.. it will arrive soon nyehehhe

wb, i too am poisoined. i went crazier than u LOL

MG unicorn is a good buy! Graphic card look good. What game you want to play that with?

Sorry for late reply

@luffy - lol XD

@Leon - yeap thats why after sold I replace it with new one lol.. thanks.. well i play alot of game.. right now Im playing Just Cause 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, The Settlers 7, and Colin Mcrae Dirt2 ^^ I need new RTS game orz lol

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