Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raya Supprise! XD

Today I went out with my friend, went Raya to my other friend's house ^^, after back to home, I found this on my computer table D:


At first I thought it was my MG Exia IGM but.. its kinda small.. so I open it...



Look how thick the book is :D
My first time buying Hobby Megazine,
before I just downloading scans and stuffs ^^;;

I got 2 XN Raiser and 1 Hobby Japan 10 ^^ All thanks to my friend 'justpassingby' for getting this to me, thanks bro. The Hobby Japan + XN Raiser is somewhere around RM70++(USD20ish), not sure how much I have to pay to Justpassingby XD, maybe ill pay a bit more plus some 'Duit Raya' XD.

I kinda supprise that he still give me another one (without the book of course), he said that theres a shop that selling XN Raiser separate than the book, its arround RM 30++(USD 8ish) forgot the name of the shop tho.. ill ask him later lol.

On the side note.. Ive tested my airbrush with the compressor.. All I can say is.. pretty decent.. here some of my tiny WIP of HG 00 Raiser DC ^^;;


AB-ed the grey part of the leg and feet.. i think the color a bit lighter than the DC's color.. hm.. what do u guys think?


my first experience ABing kits.. haha.. see that some lousy masking skillz lol

Ill get into XN Raiser after im done with HG 00 Raiser DC ^^;;

Untill next post~

Jya ne~


nice surprice :P
I think to buy the xn wiht the oo raiser 1/144 ( if I have budget xD)

I got problem BOOKS SHIPMENT is too expensive for just a gundam parts so I skip all bonuses from astarea,rasiel,gn sefer,and only aiming for unicorn head

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