Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Project Revival - HG 1/144 GN Blade Archer Custom WIP01

A bit overdue WIP post... >_<;;; ....

First Gundam Model Kit WIP for 2012 I guess... its a bit overdue haha... I just got continue a bit few weeks ago.. this post is a bit special coz its not a new kit or just opened the sealed gunpla that long bought and overdue (^_^;;)... its one of my earliest gunpla that I bought back in 2009.. decided to give it a revisit.. or rather a Revival... which is for Facebook Gunplanatic Group's Visor Kit Group Build [didnt make in time due to hobby supply has been depleted]..

 Snapfited with Kotobukiya Weapon Option - Double Blade

So I choose to use my old snapfitted GN Archer and try to complete as fast as I can.. modified it a bit and rid the big stuff thinggy and decided to go with Blade theme.. thus the name GN Blade Archer..and this is the First Project Revival.. there will be more after GN Blade Archer ^^..

First I'll just post WIPs that I did started few weeks ago in one post.. I'll try to make few WIP post possible but with a bit more content that before.... so for starter.. pic spam lol

 An early test fit after got rid the big back pack thinggy, and attached the blade on the back skirt which will be the new back pack

 Pose test ^^;;
 Modified the blade added connection to the back pack, first revision

 Test fit again before 2nd revision for the blade parts
 Cemented the arm parts and the chest part and leave overnight for the cement to cure.

 Sanded the arm parts with comparison with unsanded

 Also sanded some parts of the chest and added a bit of Kotobukiya MSG parts

 adding rectangle vernier from Kotobukiya MSG parts to the shoulder

 more Kotobukiya MSG parts was used for the front chest part ^^

 added pla-plate strips to cover the seams since I didnt cement it instead, the trick is only cemented the pla-plate strip on the half of the part, so with assemble it the other part just slide under the pla-plate strips.
At first was thinking to cement the leg part but the knee joint is a bit problem, I cant find a away to cement without cutting the knee joint, or the leg parts and I dont want to cut whole leg parts since my etching saw all busted already lol... I used this solution instead... also added round small vernier too ^^

 The back part of the feet kinda hollow, so I just add vernier on it ^^

Test fit again, the head fin will put something like that.. still gonna modified a bit before goes final... added round Koto's MSG parts on the blade near the other side of the joint to the back pack.. 

 Back side view, will use putty to cover the blanks on those back pack side joint.. just found the putty which I bought a while back ^^

 Closer view on the front

 Closer view on the lower parts.. added a bit pla-plate on the knee fin and ankle guard

Back view, the verniers looks pretty good there ^^

Thats all for the part 1, these pic is taken past few weeks that was suppose to publish last week, by the time this post published, I've pla-plated the front skirt,  the backskirt, simple scratch build, adding details to the blade, backpack, side skirt(thigh skirt?), arms and feet.. More pics on pla-plating and modding.. some I havent take pics which that will cover for Part 2 post soon...

WIPs on Jesta are in painting phase...  painted half of the kit and now masking and will go another half painting.. and AGE-1 progress, most of the nubs are sanded, cementing pending since out of cement.. both progress will post it soon...



looking good bro!! Great to see you back in action haha! time to clear those backlogs!!

Happy New Year, tsuki!
2009 - 2012, really a revival :D

as for the blade, I find it a bit too heavy for slim MS like GN archer, you going to bulk up the archer later?

Thanks ^^
hehe.. theres more revival on 2009 kits soon haha

hm.. I dont think will bulk up, since I want to keep Archer like a fast and quick ms.. maybe will mod a bit on feet or stuffs.. ^^ We'll see how this work out :)

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