Saturday, February 11, 2012

Resupply and Room Improvement

Hobby Tool re-supply and a rather subtle room improvement~.....

Its been a while since last post.. got pretty bz lately due some work and gunplaing, will post some WIPs soon  ^^;;... Few days ago got resupply for my hobby tool stuffs...theres 2 separated shipment since I bought those from different shop, and both is local online shop and provide Hobby supplies and also gunplas and figures.. no box pic so lets just skip to the stuffs that I bought ^^

Overall hobby tool re-supply that I bought...

First of all, Gaianotes Paints... bought Flat Clear 008, Clear Orange 042, and Intermediate Blue 062.. all bought from ^^, Clear Orange and Intermediate Blue will be used for GN Blade Archer Revival Project ^^

Then here the Mr. Surfacer that I need since its already depleted, another one is Mr. Crystal Color Purple, first time bought pearl type paint.. let see how it works when applied.. will be used for HG AGE-1 Amethyst Project..
Mr Surfacer bought from and Mr Crystal Color from

also got Tamiya Cement and Tamiya Extra Thin Cement.. both bought from ^^

For details up and add-on parts got this Kotobukiya M.S.G Hook, might be used on future or current WIP project.. bought from

Finally got Pla-beams 0.5, 1.5 and 2.5mm diameter, will be use on some current project and hopefully can fix Saber-san shoulder joint ^^;; bought from

For additional hobby supply got these Crocodile Clips with stick (10pcs) and plastic dropper (5pcs) for paint measuring when mixing.. also bought from

The Room Improvement

Here my first pic of my room after moved to new place
and got a new LED TV which is a blast for me.. 
dont have whole room pic tho.. but this pic would do.. ^_^;;

but.. I'm missing something.. I need a dedicated gunpla workstation so that I can do it when ever I want or when my friend come to my house and play Skyrim or watch anime/movies :3

So, 2 days ago I did a little renovation/rearrangement for my room.. bought a flip (banquet?) table from Mydin for RM80 which is really nice.. the length is a bit long than my last time (150cm this time)... and I did with my friend, I was thinking something just put the table along with the pc table.. and put the boxes somewhere.. but he gave me his arrangement idea, move everything with different place and give the room something fresh.. so we did and its was a success.. ^_^.. 

I kinda like the new and improved room.. Finally got a dedicated Gunpla workstation, I dont have to do gunplas on PC workstation now lol.. airbrush booth station near the window.. boxes (figures box in packing box) are putted under the table, gunpla boxes are moved away from PC, put near the airbrush booth.. display cabinet put near where I sit (near PC) so that I can look up on them whenever I want lol. overall feel fresh and I think this setup make my room a bit bigger lol.. plenty of room to move around.. and stuffs.. 

Others that I might do, put some gundams poster all over the place lol, probably near Gunpla Workstation and PC workstation ^^... 
Thats all for now.. 



That's a nice layout for your room.

With a separation of a PC and gunpla stations your backlog operation should move along easier. Right?Why is it that I'm hearing the soft mutterings from the boxes... Hmm...

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