Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back (Sorta) with a Huge Loot~

First Post of 2012 lol.......

Its been a while since my last post.. havent updated my blog since 2 months ago lol.. lots thing happened last year.. load works and OT, Backlogs pending and much more.. hope this 2012 will be more gunplaing and good things ahead..

That being said.. altho its a lil late for first post of 2012.. I'll kick of with first huge loot for 2012...

Its a Samsung UA40D5000PR 40" Full HD LED TV (LCD with LED backlight). I've been eyeing for this beast for a few months back in 2011.. and decided to take this guy... did a quick research and see it in shop side by side with various brand and type.. I gotta say this beast is awesome.. its much better than LCD, better color reproduction, better black tone, some nice function and very nice viewing angle.. also its very thin/slim compared to LCD type.. 30mm thick.. which is pretty awesome ^^

After assemble I tested it with playing Gundam Unicorn OVA ep4 1080p, just first playing I gotta say the image and motion is pretty clear and jaw dropping awesome.. even played 720p videos still look pretty sharp.. theres couple picture mode that I can play with. (Standard, Natural, Movie and Dynamic), I like Natural (Gaming) and Movie (Video) mode.. Dynamic is too contrast (better for some game I think).. the speaker is also very nice.. its loud, surround and clear..

Other function that I like is the AllShare and Anynet+ feature.. AllShare is data sharing across devices via wireless and local area network for sharing photos, videos from other devices also can surf internet with it.. Anynet+ in short is a build-in multi-remote-player.. you can connect Blu-Ray player or an USB drive Media Players and can control using the LED TV Remote, it detects what devices you connected to the LED TV and you can control using LED TV remote instead.. pretty neat ^^

After a while re-arranged my desk for this guy.. testing again with gaming by playing Skyrim.. again the picture is perfect... Natural picture mode give the game look more nicer and better, much better than my 22" LCD monitor lol.. the game plays very well on the LED TV, with Clear Motion feature, the game doesnt feel screen lagged (tearing/vsync thinggy) at all. Full HD gaming goodness

I have to say it worth the invest for this beast.. gotta have very awesome Full HD/HD Anime and gaming experience quite alot from now lol.. but I'm still going to do gunplaing.. not going to neglect on these guys.. or I'm in very deep trouble (lol)..

As far as Backlogs goes.. recently got some progress.. Jesta is in painting phase.. painted halfway.. now a bit masking then can finish it.., AGE-01 in sanding/cementing phase.. gotta take some time on that since its not tied to any Group Build so far.. and I've started new project called Project Revival .. details will be on the next post ^^

Thats all for now.. pretty long post after a while lol..



That is one heckuva large beast. O_O

Hmm... Three of out tonnes of backlogs... Progress. -ish... XD

what a big screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

is it ok only for anime/film/games or even read, write, use programs and such?

we both got somethin big XD. mine is the iMac (which i'm kinda lazy to put it up into the blog XD) and you've got urself HD LCD Screen Tv XD

OMFG!!! so glorious, nice get... but make sure your desk dont collapse lol :D

 So far can use for all those u said.. theres a picture mode that adjusted the screen color and brightness so that doesnt strain your eyes when watching/staring it too long :3

 yeah that Mac is pretty huge invest XD...

 Thanks lol, well the LED TV is so thin.. I'm sure that table can handle it lol

please be seated at a good distance from the screen.

 I usually seat on my bed since its not really far from the screen ^^

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